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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by highvoltedge, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Nooooooooooooooo,
    The shipping price is as bad, if not worst than ellusionist!

    It's the single thing that shuns me away from e, and it happened here too!

    The tricks looked nice too :(
  2. no matter where you go for the most part you will find that you have to pay shipping on MOST site... but the thing is if they didnt charge for shipping they would have to make up their money some other way ... for example the shipping charge would be gone but they would have to increase the price of the product in order to break even. it end up being the same thing.. and to be honest paying $5 USD to have your items shipped isn't that bad.
  3. No, it's not at all. Have you looked at the price of postage lately? All those people who say "free" shipping, etc. are just building it into the cost of their product, so don't be fooled by that. Sounds like a pretty good shipping price to me.
  4. well, I just wish they had flat rate shipping for canada too, I mean I can cross the border to the US in about 2 hours, so like why do I have to pay 20$ shipping and also have the chance to pay customs (about 9$ last time I ordered from E)?

    Oh well, I'm just a little disappointed that's all... and being all whiney
  5. The shipping cost!? Are you serious?! I mean, not only are the shipping rates... Fantastic... But, the products look pretty worth it to me. Just think about it; you're apart of something. When they said we were in deeper than we even knew... They weren't lying.
  6. the shipping seems really really reasonable and so does the prices for the effects
  7. The prices seem fine to me?

    Stop complaining about the price, to get them shipped here costs over $35 for the faster shipping, end of the day, they dont make the shipping prices, the companies that supply the shipping do.
  8. I don't know about the whole "we were in deeper than we even knew..." thing, but yeah, I guess the shipping isn't that bad...

    The shipping for each deck of cards is about the same as the shipping price for each dvd, so maybe if I just stay away from the guardians for now....
  9. Um no. MJMmagic is cheaper than penguin, and has free shipping for USA and Canada and there's no minimum price for free shipping.
  10. Well, taking penguinmagic for example, they have countless items that are identical to items sold at ellusionist, yet they are 5-15$ cheaper and also include free shipping, so all this time, I was thinking that it was ellusionist that was weird.
  11. I'm finding that the underlying theme behind many theory11 threads it: E sucks.
  12. I just hope we'll never see any of the T11 artists wearing eyeliner for one of the dvds
  13. The prices are kind of high. It wants me to pay $26 for 12 decks of cards to be sent to Australia. I've ordered bricks of cards before and it's more like $15. I might just buy a couple and see what I think before getting a boatload.
  14. customs

    The customs charges are what make it worse, I live in Canada and it seems like everytime I ordered from E I'd have to pay $14 to E and another $8 or $9 when I went to pick my pkg up or got it delivered. but for now atleast the exchange rate isn't bad.

  15. I think the shipping prices are a tad too high. I recently ordered about 10 lbs of books for college via an online bookstore. I paid $4.99 for shipping plus tax. I received tracking, and the books in two days. I am hesistant to pay $4.95 or even $8.95 + $1.00 for each additional item for shipping without tracking because the USPS is adept at losing my packages. Therefore, I am probably going to buy in bulk to minimize the cost of Crazy Fast shipping - which is about $19 for a Gaurdian deck and I live in the U.S. - but am discouraged from buying frequently. Just my thoughts.


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