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  1. When will my order be shipped? I ordered something about 3 days ago, got the order number email and everything but I still have not received an email about shipping. I got the standard shipping 5-6 business days or whatever and usually when I order something it ships out the next day and I get an email.
  2. Due to the holiday contest prizes, one should imagine they would be off their feet with orders. It took the guys about 2 weeks to ship mine from when i ordered.
  3. If they are experiencing an increase anything like E is - they're just swamped. It's the holidays, the busiest time of the year for pretty much any retail store open.
  4. Hey Zedqt, typically all orders leave our warehouse within 24 business hours (so an order placed on a Tuesday would ship that day, or the next day). The only alternations from this schedule are during high traffic shipping days (we do our best!) and if something is backordered - in which case you absolutely should have been informed either way.

    Send a message to our support crew at and include your Order ID number. That way, our team can check into this specific order for you and make sure everything is resolved immediately. Our support crew operates during business hours, Monday to Friday, so expect a response within 12 business hours on Monday!

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