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  1. So I was in Barnes and Noble today (picking up a copy of Parallel Stories by Peter Nadas.) It turns out that Barnes and Noble is selling playing cards. Including a selection of T11 Cards! They had Green Monarchs, Artisans, Love Me, Medallions and more, all at $7.95/deck. I was shocked! Good job, T11!

    A pair of folks was looking at the same display, and I let them know that if they knew anyone who liked cards, these were some of the best around. Unfortunately, I don't think they bought a deck. =(
  2. Haha - that's awesome! Thanks for the support and spreading the word!
  3. Is there a list of the decks T11 distributes through B&N? I remember seeing some decks but not the full T11 line.
  4. I think I listed most of them.
  5. At yours, maybe. I've seen Tycoons, Medallions, Artisans, Love Me, Animal Kingdom, black Monarchs, DeckONE, and the Artisan box set. I haven't seen Green Monarchs, so that makes me think either yours carries different cards or new ones get shipped out regularly.
  6. I JUST got artisans and tycoons from barnes and nobles. I saw they also have the deck display and other t11 decks.
  7. Wait up... A way to get T11 decks without paying shipping? :O
  8. but no elite points...
  9. Can't use EPs for shipping.
  10. Well true, I was implying that you don't earn EPs if you buy from B&N. That said, for a small order of a couple decks, B&N is the cheapest option.
  11. Oh, whoops. I have a tendency to be an idiot :D
  12. Who cares about elite points when you're missing out on extra spins on the wheel?!

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