Short Thumb

Jun 4, 2008
Fort Worth, TX
Does anybody have a problem with splitting the deck with your thumb and middle finger on one hand? I feel like i have a short thumb to do it. Usually i have to force the deck into my left and with the right to get a good enough grip to do it but it doesnt always work. Any tips on how to do this??

The cut that im trying to do is the Erdnase Go Around if this helps any

Thanks in advance

Sep 17, 2007
I happen to have the exact same problem. Of all things my palms had to be big but my thumbs short, so normally what I do for Erdnase Go Arounds and Cardini cuts is I kinda bend the deck a bit by first pressing down with my thumb along the center of the deck, then holding the pressure with my middle finger/fourth finger. This bends the deck lengthwise and brings the opposite end a bit closer to my thumb so I can reach over and split the deck. Once I have my grip, I release pressure with my middle finger (this straightens the cards in the bottom packet) and exert pressure with my thumb, crimping the top packet. Kinda came up with this method as a pro-temp measure till... hopefully one day my thumb grows longer. (Its growing already I think), but I'm not sure whether it'll work for you. If anyone has any other methods to help us fellows who have short thumbs, please do share!
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