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    I'v posted a thread about this back then but some of my questions weren't answered, so hopefully this one will.

    I've seriously been thinking about getting the M5 and now i have the spare $$ for it. Anyway, what can YOU GUYS do with an M5? What items can the M5 affect; is it limited to steel? Can it do more than move objects and stop watches? Because now i can't really think of a good, solid routine for it other than move an object, then hope the audience will be impressed.

    As of now, i can only buy 1 product with the money i have and the local stores here only have the M5 and other old DVD's; which means this next purchase should be very well thought of. (serioulsy, there aren't any credible magic shops here that i know of that sell the quality products that we really want, sadly) And another thing, the Raven is a close contender for me, because it's cheaper, and i like the effects you can do with it. while the M5 can do what the Raven does, i do know that the Raven is more efficient in the switching and vanishing area (ironically, the Raven is not available here so i have to get it through the net) But i guess it's easier to save up for a Raven than an M5. So do you guys have anything to say to help me push through with the purchase?
    thanks guys. :D

    PS.. i'll probably get only the basic kit, so does that leave me with less tricks? i really want to stop watches :D. and i don't really care much for the coins since we're not using american coins here. BTW, how much does the basic kit weigh? Because they're selling one here and it's kinda light. just making sure
  2. Well, I don't really have an M5, so I can't give you much of an opinion on that.

    But, I do have a Raven. I never use it. Why? Not because it isn't good, but because I'm not really into gimmicked tricks at the moment. If you like gimmicked tricks, in my opinion, you should get the Raven.

    When I used the Raven, I did use it for vanishes and switches and coin to pocket routines and all kinds of things! Then I figured out how to use it to move objects around. PM me if you think about getting the Raven and I'll give you three easy routines you can do with a Raven! My own creations.

    Anyway, I can't tell you that you should get the Raven over the M5, because I've never used one. But, for doing things with magnets, the Raven works just fine. ;)

  3. If you want it just to move stuff I would get Loops but for disappearing stuff i use the M5
  4. i have two bats.two ravens one is a reel and a home type of the same gimmick and a pk ring but i do not have the m5 but i have gotten to use it i is very nice it does take a lil time to get it down but there are so many things you can do with it. so it is good buy
  5. YES.

    Let me tell you,

    I made a half dollar flip around in a spectator's hand. She laughed out loud for at least 7 seconds, then finally said to the person standing next to her "The FORCE is with this kid!!" (Notice the emphasis on the word force.)

    If you are dedicated to the art enough to practice for a long while with it, then definitely get the M5. It's a reaction machine.
  6. Guys, i appreciate the feed back but again, some of my questions weren't answered. I'll only get the basic kit since i don't need the coins here; that means no X-flip and shells for me. Does that mean i'll be able to do less tricks? The reed switches in the pro kit is probably all im gonna miss, so what does it do? And one more thing, what objects can the M5 affect, other than steel and shimmed items?

    PS: how much does the basic kit weigh? the M5 box that they're selling here is kinda light, and they won't let me see the contents of it. You know, i just don't want to be cheated or anything. Thanks guys!
  7. No. I own an M5, and I can tell you this now. Get the pro kit. I forgot what extra stuff comes with it, but I'm pretty sure that the pro kit comes with shells and gimmick coins. I know you just said you didn't want it, but you do. You'll soon realize you will want to use them a lot. Also... you get a free Raven! If you can't figure out how to put it together (like me), get the Raven training DVD (I still have to do that. My raven is sitting in it's box in my room.)

    No, you won't me more limited, the M5 can be used on anything magnetic. So buy some shimming foil, put it on any object you want, and you are good to go. You see Brad do a pretty awesome card revelation that way in the preview.

    Personally though, I do not recommend the M5 unless you are more experienced in magic or are awesome at misdirection. The M5 was the first thing I bought in magic. I was like one of those immature beginners at first that wanted to get everything. (Luckily now I'm still a novice, but more mature.) Big mistake. I have been caught so many times because my clothing was not loose enough, my presentation was terrible, and I just plain was stupid and did not practice much.

    So while some people will disagree with my opinion, I cannot recommend the M5 as I do not use it, but if you have been doing magic for more than half a year (which you most likely have by now) then if you want, go for it, but I do recommend the pro kit if you do get the M5 even if that means you save up another few weeks.

  8. I own the M5 here is my assessment of it. I recommend the M5 for stage and serious close-up effects it gets good reactions and allows you to be creative with it. Here are a few pointers, I wouldn't purchase it right now if you live down south. The reason I say that is, you can purchase many other effects that would help you get bigger reactions (PM me for ideas) and the M5 requires you to wear a jacket for maximum performance. I live in Texas and I use my M5 about 2 months out of the year due to the temperature. You look suspicious wearing a jacket in 90 to 100 degree heat. That sucks cause I would like to use it more. Second, you have to take it off immediately after using it cause I have had situations where I will be doing walk around and it fly off my arm onto the back of a metal chair or nail your arm to something metal and it's real embarrassing. So there is a certain level of degree of being aware of the device on your person while your performing which can be distracting during your routines. Third its real bulky and heavy and it's real annoying while your doing card work. It's a great gimmick but its something I use for stage as a comedic routine for the crowd to scare my spectators but thats how I use it and thats the one great thing about it it allows you to be creative. Hope this helps in your decision making and good luck.


  9. Well, it's all based on creativity, some people love it, other people hate it. I only use it when I'm performing in my house, because I have all the items, to perform with it. Its great for Vanishes, Moving Stuff. For street, definitaly get loops. As for the M5 you have to have some sort of creativity to use it as best as possible.

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