Should I get the Shadow Masters deck?

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Should I get the Shadow Masters deck???

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. I don't know

  1. I just recently put up a post asking if i should get the Tally-Ho Viper deck, and the answer pretty much came up as no. So now i am wondering if i should get the Shadow Masters deck? If you have information, please reply :)
  2. I personally dislike decks which are fully black, so I'd say no.
  3. stay away from ALL black cards

    little bit of damage and its easially visible

    personally id get ghost decks ive used sofar...well and split spades
  4. I recently bought the Shadow Masters deck, they are really cool and have a great feel and look amazing. BUT, if you do serious stuff with it like faro's or mess around with them, the black edges start losing colour, so it looks wierd. I'm saying this because I bought this deck a week ago, and already with only a few faro's the edges are getting white. So, I'm going to stop using them because they look cool and I don't want to destroy them. So, if you want a deck of cards that will last even if you labour them and if you're looking for a custom deck, I recommend the Ghost deck, Propaganda or Guardians/Centurions.

    Hope that helps.
  5. i would say no. the reason why is because it starts to look bad (the edges) once you use them for a week or so. The edges turn from black to white and looks really horrible. However if you just want them to collect, than that's fine, but if you want to do serious magic with them or flourishing, I would recommend not getting them. Cause I have one and I don't use it as much anymore, only to break them in more.
  6. I actually love the look of these, but, like everyone else said, all black boarders show any nicks very clearly.
  7. I'd say yes. for practical magic and all around flourishing they look pretty kick ass. i can never understand this whole "oh my god, its a black deck of cards, wtf it must be dodgy!"

    Let them shuffle it. yes, let the spectators shuffle your deck of cards. i know, its like they're taking away your baby, but in reality, and they're going to realise this as they mess around with it (with obvious lack of dexterity, unless your spectator is some sort of croupier. but that's another story) they're going to realise that the deck is normal, and that they're just black for a reason.

    Here's taking it a step further:

    If you wanted to trick them using a 'Trick' deck of cards, why would it be all black? wouldnt it just arouse more suspicion? That's laymen thinking. It would be more wise to get a gaff deck, make it as 'Normal' as possible (whatever normal is. i'd imagine normal indecices, standard poker size, etc.) Kind of like the invisible deck.

    Anyways, im straying off point: Get the deck if you have the cash, They flourish well, and last very long. As aforementioned, the edges do get whiter, but they dont really affect the look that much as a deck. because the backs are faded in, and the colours are red/grey, they dont really make it ugly or anything.

    ive owned them for ages now, and im quite happy with them. (cept for the price) There's a cool 3 of diamonds reveal on the joker, and a 3 of spades bar reveal. go nuts.

    They're not the 'best' deck so to speak (frankly i dont even know if there IS one.) but they're good. Dont get discouraged if someone says that they're crap and start suggesting other decks because they're all black. Weigh out the pros and cons. Ive used this deck for magic a lot of times now. The only 'Dodgy' comment i got from them was:

    Spectator: ... They're Devil cards. i dont like them. *runs off*

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