Should I get these cards?!

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Which ones should I get?

  1. Virts playing cards

  2. Draconian wights

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  1. Hey guys,
    I recently saw these cards on instagram and really liked them. They where the Draconian WIGHT playing cards by Midnight playing card company. The only problem is that for 2 packs and shipping to South Africa (which is where I live) it will cost $35... which converts to A LOT in my currency. But I also want to get some virts which would cost around the same but as its so much for me I can only afford one of them. Virts or Draconians. I really can't decide which ones to pick so if you guys can help it would be much appreciated.

    here's some photos of the draconians.


    Here's a link to a video of them on instagram:

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  2. I personally love the Virtuoso Playing cards. I have a friend (the same friend who got me into cardistry) who absolutely loved them, and bought a deck of their SS16s when they were released. I was so impressed by them, even though I didn't care for cardistry yet, that I bought some myself. BEST PURCHASE EVER. I positively adored those cards. I only ever got one deck (I regret I didn't get more) but they still handle very very well. The second the new FW17s were released, I purchased three, along with the free one they gave out the first 48 hours. I loved them even more. I would say they are in my top three for cardistry.

    Now, I also don't own any Draconians. This does make me a biased view, so I would see what other people say before making your purchase to see what other peoples take on Draconians are. But I will say this.
    Its your money. And they will be your cards. If your anything like me, you will buy them not because someone tells you to, but because you love them. I'm not very good at cardistry or magic at all. But I love cards. I love the look of Draconian Whights. I also love (and own) Virts. So whatever you decide, choose the deck you feel you will enjoy and love to pieces the most.
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  3. I do love some of Randy Butterfield's designs, especially the Draconian series - I have one of the original Spitfire (orange) decks, and fans and spreads look terrific!

    BUT: For cardistry, the Virtuoso deck can't be beat. It's a deck completely optimized for cardistry, whereas the Draconian one isn't. The Draconian deck is super cool, but not all card flourishing moves will look great with it (mainly spreads and fans), whereas with the Virtuoso deck, every card flourishing move will look amazing. Because it's been totally designed from the ground up for cardistry, and as a result, everything looks amazing.


    I've spent a lot of time with the Virtuoso decks lately, and they really are as good as everyone says they are. If I had to only pick one, that would be my first choice, at least if it's cardistry that you're especially getting it for.

    I just posted a review of the Virtuoso FW17 deck elsewhere on these forums, which you can check out here:


    And if you need even more convincing, check out this incredible video from The Virts, featuring their FW17 Virtuoso deck:

  4. Thanks everyone for replying. My thinking for the virts though was that they come out every year, and so far, (in my opinion mind) they've been better every year. So a new version should come out later this year which I'll definitely get. Also, the FW17 virts are gonna be around for a while longer but the Draconians are limited addition... But the virts also look really good. but the draconian as well. But the virts feel better but the dracs look better... ugh I'll probably just flip a coin xD

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