Should I still buy Rapture/Bonus Question

Dec 23, 2010
Well after experimenting I am 99% sure I figured out how to do Rapture. But I still want to purchase the DVD to support Edward Boswell's fabulous effect and get pro tips. Do you believe that it's still worth buying even though i know the method?
BQ: what trick would you rather purchase: The Raven, Prophet, or another( please supply name) In addition, please don't say get a book because I ordered Royal Road to Magic recently. (I'm 13 if that helps with your choice)
Jun 9, 2012
Rapture would definitely be worth buying, even if you know the method. He gives excellent tips that will improve performances exponentially.
BQ: I recently purchased The Raven, and was honestly a little bit disappointed. I would suggest getting Detach by Rick Lax. It's an easy trick with a really smart method that fools people pretty easily. (I'm 13 too...)
Jul 29, 2012
Buy it!!! You wont turn back. There are a lot of tips in there that will help you. And I have to side with lewisisacardist in saying that the raven was disappointing. If you want another effect get the whole thing by Chris Mayhew it is one of theory 11's best dvd's and it has helped me a lot.
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