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    When your asked this by someone what trikcs or effects do you do?

    i was on the train just dribbling a few XCM cuts etc and a bloke asked can you show me something? and my mind went blank i was a bit star struck.

    what do you show someone in this instance with cards? Eg Tricks etc

    Thank You

  2. I used to have this issue a lot, and in recent months I've been working on a solution.

    Namely, you need to get to know your repertoire better. Know what you know, so to speak, which is ironic but very true. You need to grab everything you know, and condense it into a routine of maybe 4 effects, that's it, and make sure you know them really well and can entertain with them.

    So it's practice in a way - you just need to focus your magic for a period of time so that whenever you're asked, your mind instantly jumps to your routine, you're confident, know it inside and out, and are ready to get started straight away. Spend a month just practicing those four effects, and performing them as much as possible, and you'll never have this problem again.

    I happen to perform ACAAN, incidentally, to answer your question.
  3. I agree with Prae simple go straight to your current set pieces.

    However if someone asks me to do something with cards I will usually go into a three phase mind reading routine. However I usually try to stay away from cards especially if it is an impromptu thrown into the deep end type performances.
  4. What I usually do is have them select a card and I make up a trick on the spot. usually i will find there card in an unusual way. or 2 card monte.
  5. - transpo
    - biddle trick
    - 2 card Monte
    - sandwitch routine
    - and my new favorite digital conviction

    if somebody ask me to do a routine I do this one and I go until they don't want to see anymore or the atmosphere changes but that routine when done well takes like 15-20 min so that's usually all you need.
  6. I think you should just have a go to trick... actually, have a few.

    And always have somethin to crew with hecklers.
  7. i always have this problem but my mind only thinks of the ACR routine its kind of a life saver lol saved me many times when i was asked and and no idea
  8. Mmm, to expand this a little further, before doing something you have to quickly think why did he asked you for a trick, and It sounds kinda dumb but here are some reasons.

    *Maybe a group of his friends noticed you and they want to see something, so they sent the poor guy to aks you for a trick.

    *Maybe he is just curious , wich happens 60% of the time.

    *Maybe he is a heckler, his friends noticed you and he wants to make you look bad. Be aware of this, because it happens.

    Learn to adapt, It's great to have some routines ready to perform on the fly, but also remember that we must adapt to the circumstances, those threee situations are the most common ( I think I forgot some, maybe Ill remember them later)

    So ask yourself this question:

    "If I were a mere spectator, and watched a random guy doing something very skillful...what would amase me? besides that?

    We need to think a little more about the spectator necessities, In order to grow as magicians and performers :)

  9. GATOR BOOTS!!! (for hecklers)
    now seriously, i perform the trick that has no explanation for hecklers


    impromptu hard htiting stuff
  10. Yea have like 3 or 4 tricks ready.
    What I'm trying to do right now is have 3 routines with 3 or 4 tricks in them
    so i don't do the same 3 tricks for every person i meet. So I can like switch up different routines for different people and in other situations.
  11. This is a good thread because I was flourshing and somebody ask me to do a trick. I was completely stuck. I was to afraid to get caught so I perform biddle.

    When I perfrom I try to do tricks that are angle proof. Like Sloppy Shuffle Triumph with Fan Control. I like RDChopper and The first guy respone( I know who he is but I don't how to type his name.)
  12. This is a fantatic response thank you Im glad im not the only one who has this problem

    in response to a reply,,, about reasons why the guy asked me i kind of think he was jus impressed with Twisted rain and then said what else can you do? can you show me? i often get asked can you teach me also lol

    i only did one trick and that was deja vu as i can do this flawlessly but now im going to write down 5 on my favs and learn them till i perfect them without thinking so im ready next time.

    Thanks again lads/lasses
  13. I would suggest you to go one step further and make them connect into a fluid routine. To make your effects even stronger. If possible, that is.
  14. When somebody asks me for a trick i usually ask them to shuffle the deck.

    Then, i cull the 4 aces by saying that they are very good at shuffling and... at cheating (i show them that they managed to get the four aces to the top). It is a good little effect that freaked a lot of people.

    After this little introduction, I do a "twisting the aces" pattering about the aces that always want to be on top. Even if we turn them face down they want to show off.

    To finish, i do a "general card" trick. I don't know how to say it in english. The selection is lost in the deck and one by one, the four aces are transforming into the selection. At the end of this trick, the four aces disappear and only the selection remains in my hand.

    This is a dynamic and short little set that works every time.
  15. well this is how i usually start performing anyway.

    I cant tell you how many times, im sitting around flourishing somewhere and someone asks me to show them something.

    the situation isn't really that tough, just perform the effect your most comfortable with.

    For me personally i love 2 card monte.
    a simple controlled card and then a color change would work.

    Just simple magic is the best, you dont have to bust out a huge gimmick or set a long routine up.

    not knowing what you like to perform, heres a few suggestions

    biddle trick
    2 card monte
    card to mouth
    dr. daleys last trick

    if you will go to the thread about impromptu card magic theres tons of stuff for this situation.
  16. for me, it would be

    tivo 2.0
    swiss made
    and card to mouth

    any tricks that goes impromptu will be good in this kinda situation :D
  17. last twp post good ideas yeah i can do boddle and the other quite comfortably but i do suffer a nightmare with nerves also

    ive been trying to learn a few ones of the cuff eg naked strangie i can do off the cuff, card to mouth etc and a simple ambitious routine.

    never get the hang of the queens cant do the last vanish and final production.

    thanks again lads
  18. I love:
    jokers wild (my number 1)
    Biddle trick
    then ACR

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