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  1. Okay... I ran across an unusual problem yesterday...
    I was doing a simple trick where I the wrong card, pretend like I've made a mistake and then change it into the right card.

    Well when I showed the spectator the wrong card and asked if that was the one he took out he said.... "Yes, that's the one... I think". I didn't know what to do... I guess I rushed through the 'remember your card' part, my bad :S .

    Well what I did was said "you don't seem to sure of yourself... go ahead and take another look at it... *changes*.

    Well it wasn't a disaster but I was wondering what would you do in this situation?
    (The situation shouldn't have arisen, and I know that so please NO "you should have made sure he remembered"-type comments.)
  2. This happened to me the other day. The way I handled it was I kind of joked about it. I said "Wow, I am gooood." and then they sort of thought about it and realized they made a mistake then i changed it.
    Hope that helped
  3. check this out...i do an old blaine effect a lot of the times and before i began to change their card to the actaul chosen card..guess what...some of them will say that the wrong card is their card...i just'm good...aint it???
  4. Funny you bring this up. Today I was performing and I had them pick a card, put it back, but they put it back weird and I lost it. So I aborted the trick, started a new one with some excuse and to my surprise, she picked the same card she had picked just two seconds ago. My jaw it the floor and so did hers. I love those magical moments where you amaze yourself by some amount of luck.

    In retrospect, I should have made a joke like "and here it is in my pocket(pull out empty hand) and say "that would be something else, wouldnt it?". I find it so funny when The Amazing Jonathan does that.
  5. ALWAYS make sure they have the card memorized. ;)

  6. What you suggested seems excellent, but here's my two cents...

    Set the deck down while palming the top card (I'd use a one handed top palm) while saying "are you sure this is your card and not this one" reach into your pocket and take out the real card.

    Hope I helped

  7. true...but some are so attention challenged, they still forget...and will still say you have the right card when in facts in the wrong one...i just play the moment....i never forget...even if they do....i sometime do a little improvisation.....
  8. nahh man, not to be rude but it probably was cause you didn't really tell him to plant the card in his brain... but we all do it every once in a while! Were not perfectt. lol but all i do is move on quickly to another trick buttt I would use that same card that they said "maybe it was" to. So than the second time I just feel from doing this that it may even get a better reaction. It is now in there head that they just used that same card twice in two different tricks and I feel like that always just makes up for the first one.

  9. I will almost always say this: "Ok, take a look at that card and remember it. Make sure you remember it or else this trick will not work."
  10. Never let them forget the card. If possible, show other people or have them tell others the card.
  11. While we're on the subject of showing wrong cards, I've observed something that bugged the hell out of me. I recently saw a video where all the moves were great, but the timing was off.
    He showed the card, asked if it was the person's, turned it over and took it off the deck before getting a response. This sort of makes it seem like you knew that it wasn't their card and you switched it. The way I see it, you should turn wait for a response first, then point it out so that they will remember that it changed either way.
  12. actually if the card is face down on top and i know its their card i do a peek at the card by doing an ego change but i dont bring card to bottom instead i put it right back on top and say it was an 8 i say well r u sure u dont remember was it a 7 or an 8 or a king putting emphasis on the 8 and it actually works
  13. I agree this kind of thing makes it seem like the magician is just 'going through the steps'.
    A little off topic but another example I saw that really bugged the hell out of me is when a magician was performing a named card routine. He asked the spectator to name a card "5 of hearts". He then asked the spectator a question for misdirection while he did a move "5 of hearts, any reason in particular?" the spectator started to answer but then was cut off "No? Well it doesn't matter anyway... here what were going to do is...". The spectator was really confused because she had tried to tell him the reason for her choice but he wasn't even concerned with the question he asked.

    Anyway... like I said off topic, but something to avoid doing.
  14. or just have them sign it hmm simple solutions
  15. dont beat yourself up one time i was in a line goins to a movie and started to do tricks so the guy from the entrance call me and asked to do a trick with him, so i did a force anda a ''mindyreading'' ok good,them i tried todo the search and destroy, and i lost the card...
    that was a crowd around me, and it was the first time i did it in front of a lot of strange people, i did absolutely nothing to fix the trick i sad that i have messed up and i did another thing.
    everybody have problens cometimes, you handled yours pretty well.
    (sorry for my bad inglish, not my mother lenguage...)
  16. This happened to me once with the Biddle Trick and where I said his card had risen to the top (which wasn't his card but wasn't supposed to be) he said it was because he felt bad because he thought I had messed up for real.
  17. Haha! That must've sucked... what'd you do?
  18. Oh my god, this happened to me last year. I was doing invisible reverse, and when I showed the 5 face up in the middle, he honestly thought it was his, and went nuts. Better reaction than I ever could have gotten from the trick intended
  19. lol, with my "mess-up" effects now, my friends have gotten to the point where they know I haven't mucked up and I dam well know what card they picked.

    Cheers, Tom
  20. If only they could believe you over your Cookie Cutter performance.

    But seriously if I think the audience is a little unresponsive I will actually miss a card in a card calling demonstration just them to watch a little closer.

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