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  1. Ok, I know my tricks, I do them fairly well in my opinion, but I feel that they are not getting the reactions they should, any advice? I don't want to play the role of someone else but I need to know how to sell the effect better, and I don't know how to do that, well not to the extent that I would like to know how to do it. What should I do, I know it might be kind of broad but that's the most important thing in magic, not the secret, the presentation. I realized that some time ago, tried to improve it myself but it didn't work, I need the wise advice of the experienced magicians of theory11!;)

    Thanks in advanced!:)
  2. Go slow. As Justin Miller says on the Loops DVD "Go slow. Let the magic sink in." haha just had to say that.:p However, it is true, hype things up. Here's an example. Indecent, once you take the card out of the bag, the card is facing you, ask them what their card was, don't just show it to them. KAOS, pull the card through the window, don't turn it around immediately. For Stigmata, really read their mind and focus on them. It's all about building and building and building. The more you build, the bigger the reaction will be.

    If you say "Hey, you wanna see a trick?" The person may say yes. Do the trick quick or an average speed and you'll get a "Whoah.... wha?...." If you do an effect slow and build... you'll get a "GET THE @#@$# OUTTA HERE! THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE!"
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    My advice to you is to pickup a few books, audiotapes (mp3's now), and a DVD by Eugene Burger. If you are truly interested in taking what you do now and making it much better than you are currently doing I can't recommend his work enough.

    I could give you all the advice in the world but it would but this is one of those journey's you need to take with his help in my opinion. It isn't so much that he tells you what to do and how to do it but instead he forces you to ask yourself the brutally honest questions about how you are going about things currently.

    I can tell you this much: Showmanship and presentation isn't something that suddenly clicks like figuring out how to do a sleight like a DL or an Elmsley Count. It is something that takes months and years to get better at for some people. Even the guys who we would perceive as perfect in their performances are constantly working at getting better. It is an everyday effort and something that is always a work in progress. I am not sure how long you have been performing for live spectators so I am really going as broad and basic as possible with my comments.

  4. well first, pick up some books on showmanship if you haven't already. What i like to do with my performances is I like to build the suspense. Like Ego but Danny, I mess up 2 times. The first time I say, "Wow, are you kidding, thats not your card?" The second time I say, "That's not possible it has to be your card!!" Then it build and build and builds like SINFUL said above. Then BAM their card pops out. Oh and being natural is also important in your performance. Practice, Suspense, and being Natural are probably the 3 most important things for me when i perform.

    -A. Nguyen
  5. honestly just pratice talking to people.....once you got people to where they like YOU they will LOVE your magic
  6. I agree with Ben, Charisma will take you a long ways. The most important thing to me is making a connection with the audience, and being charismatic makes this task far more simpler.
  7. Thanks guys!

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