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  1. Intro: First off, I would like to thank everyone at TitanasMagic for their generosity, love from their customers and for giving me this opportunity. Second, I thought I post a review for such an amazing effect. If you ever wanted to demonstrate a powerful concept of mind over matter and the use of PK/TK then Shudder may be just for you.

    Thoughts/First Impressions: When I first watched the demo of Shudder I was dumbfounded and amazed at how visual and unbelievable this effect was and that you can perform it with a borrowed can and still perform it inches from their face was worth checking it out, just like all products from TitanasMagic and MindLapse.

    The Review

    Trick: Shudder

    Created By: Dee Christopher

    Effect: "Make a borrowed soda can move freely across the table at a moment's notice."

    History: Dee explains that this effect was inspired by daniel+Madison's TK effect.

    Notes: Two versions of Shudder are taught with upmost precision.

    Cost: £17.99/$25.00

    Genre: PK/TK

    Demo/Product: TitanasMagic-

    Format: Approx 30 minutes | Instand download/DVD-coming soon

    Video and Quality:

    Video- The video is also very well edited, put together and produced. It covers everything really indept.

    Quality- The quality of this video is pretty good. There were definitely no problems hearing or seeing what was being said or done. The audio is good; everything is clear and easy to watch.

    Teaching: Dee covers everything with the upmost precision; with all tips, tricks and subtleties. Everything is understandable and easy to follow along.

    Method: Both methods are deviously simple and bold.

    Practicality: Both versions are very practical and can be performed anywhere and anytime. This can be performed on any table surface, except for sticky wood and metal tables, although you can overcome and still achieve this. You can use any can from a soda-cola can to a long-neck beer can.

    Needed Items: Impromptu- Nothing, but a borrowed can.
    Gimmick- A little something extra that most magicians have and a borrowed can (NOTE: In the gimmicked version, the can is not gimmick and can be borrowed).

    Set-Up: Impromptu- None
    Gimmick- 10 second setup

    Dirtiness and Clean-Up: You do not end dirty in this effect nor is there any cleanup, everything can be handed out and everything is convincing, easy, clean and fair. Also, all the attention is towards the can and your hands are shown completely clean, empty and open.

    Angles: Impromptu- 8-9 o'clock to about 1-2 o'clock
    Gimmick- Completely surrounded
    Overall- The angles are very good and you can easily manage them.

    Difficulty: This effect is ingeniously simple and very bold. The only thing difficult about this should be shownmanship. If you are a good presenter, no one will suspect anything. That's the only thing you need to worry about. The moves are not difficult at all. One a scare of 1-10 (ten being the hardest), I say it's about a 4.5.

    Overall: This effect is pure, direct and believable magic. It's not something that you can master in one day, but it leaves a striking image and belief in the spectator's mind of mind over matter. I was pleased by the practicality of the effect and I recommend you pick this up. This is something that I will use and this was a great effect and video and would definitely worth checking out. TitanasMagic, Dee Christopher and MindLapse are very talented and creative magicians and look forward to other releases.

    Overall: 9/10
  2. That looks incredibly open. A practical pk effect is always something worth looking into.
    Awesome review. ;)
  3. -Thanks for posting CardClip.
    -Very practical.
    -Two versions are taught to suit your style or situation you're in.
    -Definitely worth checking out.
  4. Thanks for the cool review man.

    Just a quick note, depending on the situation, say it was 1on1 or only 2-3 people, you can do the impromptu version at much wider angles using the body shielding techniques taught in the DVD. Anyone looking for tips, just drop me a mail to


  5. -Thanks for responding Dee and thanks for the tip.
  6. Just to let you guys know, the DVD is now available through my store.

  7. So I just bought this effect and am waiting on it to arrive in the mail. I'm quite excited.
  8. Glad to hear, you'll definitely be happy that you picked up SHUDDER! :)

    Can't wait to read your thoughts and feelings, as well.
  9. It's my first DC purchase. I had bought Proximity Effects on ebay but the dude never shipped my stuff and continued to ship other items. IPaypal gave me a refund because the seller never responded. :(
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    An impromptu masterpiece of PK - anytime, anywhere, any soda can - Dee, you've outdone yourself... once again.
  11. Shudder is a great effect. its something i use a lot.
  12. I don't know how you would answer this without exposure but can you try? I read in another review on here that it takes "BALLS" to perform shudder. Is it angles or what?
  13. The angles are pretty decent, but the move is BOLD - don't worry though, it's easy to get a hang of and perform.
  14. Alright good. I'm a pk fanatic. It's pretty much all i do. No IT stuff though. Except loop effects.
  15. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for your thoughts on Shudder - I'm really glad that you're into it, I see the DVD as a lesson in boldness, in risk taking, while you're given 2 methods, one of which can be performed completely surrounded, the no gimmick cheeky method is what I use day in and day out!!!

    It's also a great feeling when you know how simple the method is, in conjunction with the scientific principle I outline - it's cancelled out completely and that's what REALLY sells the illusion!!

    I look forward to hearing more thoughts and seeing some more videos of you guys performing the effect!!

  16. Hi there Dee. I just received Shudder yesterday. This is the same guy who messaged you on Facebook the other day about the class presentation. I have to say Shudder is quite brilliant. I love it. Great job.

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