Sick Spellbound Midnight Practice Session

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by scottbaird, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. As early as it is (I've had the DVD since Monday afternoon), here's a practice session of Ponta's Spellbound Sequence.

    Just showing that it CAN be done relatively well, if not as good as him, and trying to encourage everyone to give this kind of wicked fun coin magic a shot.

    I still have a ways to go, but there you go.

  2. I dig it. Are you only using two coins??? I think you are and nice work. (If not it needs some work).
  3. Sorry I joined the discussion so early. Looking forward to some good coin tricks.
  4. Nice. You got it all down just need to keep from swaying from left to right it kinda hides the whole change for each phase. Other then that you definitely have the routine down. Keep it up.
  5. You got it down Scott, great job. Hard stuff...It'll probably take me 2 months or so until I have the vanish down. Great stuff.
  6. I posted a response on the magiccafe as Satoeri, but just to give you a bit more.

    I understand the urge to post videos of this routine, and the others, but don't sell yourself short and give into that urge. To be honest, I think you do have the mechanics down decent, but as a whole, it is completely rushed, hard to follow, you are using half-dollar sized coins, whereas ponta uses morgan sized coins, and the whole idea of "flow" is lost in the speed.

    Really really slow down and watch Ponta's video. You will notice that his hand positions are completely flawless on the muscle pass change, the turn over load and change, etc... These are very very important small subtleties, and by far, the hardest part to get down perfect.

    It is ok to ask for advice with your routine, but I would password protect it on vimeo for those who have the actual DVD. You did put in some work, but I have been working on this routine since the week of release in JAPAN, which was way earlier than the US release date, and although I also have it down quite well, I am not going to put up a video that doesn't do it justice.

    TBH, this was not a video that "shows the routine can actually be done", it was more of a video that shows "this is what it will look like if you hurry through it and don't put in the time it deserves."

    I know that sounds harsh, but it is the truth.
  7. You make a valid point.
  8. Very very nice. Obviously needs work, but you seem to have the mechanics down. Just need to work on making it from a display of extreme skill to a work of art and magic.
    (Dang I wish I was you with coins)

  9. Yeah it needs work man, plus the goal of all this is not showing you can do it over the internet but actually use it. I don't mean you are not cos i don't really know but if you don't think you are ready to perform it for people then keep it for yourself!

    That's my advice, i've learned from my mistakes :)

    Good progress for a few days, you are good. Now i need to practice :p
  10. Agreed with TheCuso. Work on your timing. Sleights are almost there, however I urge you to watch his performances in slow motion and work on your timing. I know that some forms of Quicktime allow you to do this, and over time, increase the speed at which he performs (and you follow). The only thing I notice lacking is rhythm, and it's there sometimes, but at others it isn't. I completely understand that's it's only been what... a week or so, since the release? This stuff takes an insanely long amount of time to get from the "I can do the stuff" to the "It looks damn good for magicians, not only laymen" phase. I imagine it takes a while, but seems like you're gonna get there pretty soon. Thanks for the post and the encouragement : )
  11. Oh, and relax your shoulders and your body haha : ) Gotta' be the exact opposite of tense for this to completely flow

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