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  1. Hi fellow magicians!

    I´m now in my 2nd year of learning the art of missdirection, slights, shuffle and cuts. As my repertuar of techniques growes so does my card collection. So as a tribut I started a while ago to hunt signed decks by people who really impressed my mind and drove me into magic. I already got signed decks of Richard Turner, Jared 1:20, Asad from 52kards but I really miss decks of Theory´s Andrej and Jason.

    As a guy that lives in europe it´s very hard (or expensiv) to meet one of those guys and press them a deck and a pen in the hands (in the case of Andrej just a pen couse i never seen him without a deck). I know there is Ebay and the other stuff but there i will always have doubts about it.

    So long story short. Is there any way to get signed decks of Theory 11 members without travelling around the half world?

    Best regards!
  2. Your best bet is to wait and hope something like that is added to the archive. theory11 doesn't really sell any sort of autographed merchandise but there has been plenty of autographed things in the archive. Wait and maybe one day they'll have something.
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    A simple message goes a long way, both guys are very busy, but I'm sure if you sent either a message asking really nicely, maybe they'd be happy to send you a signed card when they get the chance! :)
  4. Are you serious? Is that actually possible? That would be great if that could be done.
  5. Inboxes are about to explode.
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  6. The only thing that I don't understand is shipping. How would such cards be shipped to people all over? Perhaps you need to send them a package with return shipping included? That might deter some from asking.
  7. I don't know. It's not for me to say; There's never any harm in asking though!
  8. Alright!
  9. Guess that´s really worth a try. But I´ll add pic´s of the signed deckes to proof my "desire". Would a Skype session or a cardesty trainig changed for Elite points raise the chance?
  10. Just ask, if your reason is strong enough perhaps they'll take it into consideration(?) I'm still a little iffy about this because I understand even if you pay for shipping to and from, they still have to drop off your package to send it back, which can be a pain and a time consumer.

    I myself don't have any signed decks (I have signed notes from Houchin but that's it). That said, I do feel my reasoning for why I want it autographed (partially to show I'm not in it for the resale value) may help if I ask.

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