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Silencing Coins and Cheap Gimmicks

Nov 11, 2007
Memphis, Tennessee
1. I'm just starting out in coin magic, but am having some problems that I'm assuming every seasoned coin person has come across. I've purchased and can perform the alternate version of CoinTwo well, except I can't figure out how to make these guys be quiet when they're rubbing up against each other. That's problemo one.

2. Given that I have CoinTwo, there is obviously a certain something I need to perform the real version. Everywhere I look, they are only sold in sets and cost $100 plus. Is there a way I can just buy the ] and not a set? Thanks for the advice in advance.

I got a steel core quarter from E a long time ago and the quality was pretty bad. It was VERY obvious to the spectator that there was something odd about it. I wouldn't go with E's gaff coins. I mean I love their cards but when it comes to the coins there pretty bad quality.

Also, I would recommend performing these type of coin routines with half dollars. I was performing with quarters and I got tired of it so I ordered some half dollars off ebay and I love them. It makes my coin magic so much easier. So it's a pretty good idea to get some half dollars if you don't already use them.
well to get a silent coin you can do one of 2 things .. slow things down so that the noise is reduced .. or get worn down coins (soft coins) .. the second option is the best but those will cost a bit more from magic dealers.. but you can try ebay and see if your lucky...

as for the gaffs, you dont have to buy as a set.. for a cheaper alternative but still good quality i would recommend you go with Johnson Products... if your coins are all silver you may want to check out the silver gaffs but if your coins are later than 1964 than a regular Johnson will be fine.

check out the magic warehouse
Jun 10, 2008
Newcastle upon Tyne
you can soften your own coins at home. if you get some steel wool and just rub a coin down on both sides for around an hour each, it will soften it alot. of course ,the more you treat it, the softer it will be. it takes time, and it's not a fun activity but it gets the desired results- it will stop the coins talking substantially.

Jan 11, 2008
New york
If you talk at the moment of nesting them the coins will be 100% silent. but remember no screaming, just a normal well timed word or two. I know I'm guilty of practicing with out patter but it helps when patter works as a cover for small sounds.

Side note: I throw coins (Quarters) over spectators heads(Slydini paper ball style) in the streets as a switch for a bent one or jumbo coin i place in there hand. timing is everything to cover the distant cling,cling. No screaming! and don't try to change a jumbo coin for a small one, someone can get hurt.

Sorry i went off topic.
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