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  1. hey all! So I wanted to increase my routine a little because currently I am only good at card tricks I want to be able to do really cool silghts. So I was wondering does anyone know anyone or some sources for sponge balls/silk anything is fine and price is not a problem! Thanks so much
  2. Your best option will be buying Wilson's course in magic. Its one of the best books ever written on the subject, and if you click on the name it will send you to eBay where you find it for outrageously good prices!!
  3. Get Mark Wilson's complete course. It has everything in it, including sponges and silks.

    And yeah, Rusty's right. It is ridiculously cheap, I got mine for $3
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  4. I'll THIRD Mark Wilson's Complete Course.

    Get Goshman 2 inch sponge balls in your favorite color.

    One of my favorite routines with Sponge Balls and Playing Cards is Pips A Poppin. Get some extra pip shaped sponges so that you can insert a sponge ball routine in the middle of the trick.

    I also like 20th Century Silks. A lot of other silk magic plays more toward kids.
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  5. One additional thought -- check out the Sponge Ball Toolbox. It comes with a variety of sponges. Although the video is cheesy, it does teach some great routines.
  6. PM me I have some stuff for ya.

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