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  1. SilverLining 2.0 was released to those who were on the emailing list first. It is now on The Invisible Thread site (

    The Official Explanation of the Effect:

    SL2 is an absolutely devastating close up mental effect based on the "cloud game" we've all played when we were kids. You know the game... you look up in the sky and notice that a certain cloud looks just like a house or a dog, or whatever.

    Ultimately what happens is this: A spectator makes up a two digit number (no force), and the wrinkles of a normal, ungimmicked (and initialed) gum wrapper re-arrange themselves IN HER HAND. At the end of the effect, she is allowed to keep the wrapper as a souvenir. This is STRONG!

    This effect is angle-free, 100% workable in any situation, easy to perform and KILLER. This is a non-card or coin effect (it uses just a simple pack of gum), complete with a logical (motivated and justified script), a wonderful magic moment that happens in the spectators hands, and even leaves them with a cool souvenir!

    Common Questions

    1) Is there a gimmick? Yes

    2) Is it expensive to make? No

    3) Will I need to buy anything to make the gimmick? Probably only a pack of gum. You'll have everything else you need, the items are very basic.

    4) Will it take me long to make? Probably an hour to make it perfect. You may have to do it twice to get it right but it's worth taking your time to do it perfectly. You'll only have to make it once.

    5) Is it practical? Yes, especially now that summer is coming up and you'll be outside more often. You can do it inside too obviously but the reason for doing it flows better outside.

    The PDF

    As with most of the PDFs on The Invisible Thread site, it is well written and clear. It walks you through how to make the gimmick as well as the presentation for it. The beginning of the PDF talks about Silver Lining 1.0 so make sure you read it carefully from the beginning so when it comes to the 2.0 version you'll already know the basics.

    There are a couple of things that the PDF could have done better but I can't get into it here without exposing the secret. If you purchase it, PM me and I'll give you some tips on how to make the gimmick that will shorten your time.

    They are small details and you will figure it out on your own any way so it's no big deal.

    The Presentation

    I've performed this a few times already and it gets very good reactions. This is one of those illusions where you don't have to say, "Hey let me show you a magic trick". It can come up naturally in a conversation and it definitely does not feel forced. As I mentioned above, if you're outside and you mention the "cloud game", everyone will know what you're talking about but they'll never see this coming. This is one of those illusions that plays on something from everyone's childhood and its the best form of magic when they don't think you're showing them a trick.


    There is no question that this trick is worth the $5.00 price tag. Not even close actually. If you take the time to perfect this it will be one of those tricks you want to use often and not just something that will sit on your shelf.

    Final Tip

    I recommend the following gum to use:

    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about the illusion.
  2. I'm sorry that somehow I missed this review completely. Thank so much for taking the time to post this up. Other forums have also extensively reviewed this download as well. I'm glad you liked it! Thanks so much for the kind words.

  3. Would you recommend purchasing silver lining 1 as well?
  4. No its taught in V2.
  5. sounds awesome thanks.
  6. No problem,'s well deserved. So far it's been one of my favorite "happens in the spectator's hand" effects.

    Especially now since I'm outside so much, it's such an easy transition.

    Keep up the great work over there!

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