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Silver Nuggets

Aug 31, 2007
Imagination Land
Hey folks ,

I just saw pics of Silver Nuggets and they look just like jerrys almost :)

anyone has them and would care to inform me plz thanks

Are they any good ?
He probably means Silver Slippers. I posted something about them in a thread in the cardistry section earlier, with pictures of them on my DeviantART profile..

Just check my previous posts in my profile here and you should find it.
Sep 3, 2007
I agree they don't look that similar to Jerry's but I think oddly enough they do look pretty cool, interesting stuff. I wouldn't mind trying them out too.
Oct 9, 2007
All the cards such as Jerry's Nugget's a Wynn's are named after there respective casino's in Las Vegas. There is a Wynn casino, Jerry's Nugget casino and a Silver Nugget casino. I think the cards are all made by the casino's which is why it's hard to find sealed cards as they usually use them all.

I might be wrong though, this is just what I thought.
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