Sinful - New Cans Problem

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Zapper, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Hello,

    for all the people that still perform Sinful even though it's been over-exposed on the internet.

    These new cans are giving the effect even more damage! Particularly, in the first step (for those that own it). So how do you deal with it? I've found pretty much all coke/fanta/sprite bottles are eliminated now. It's loosing it's impromptu factor, the thing I liked about it the most.

    Your thoughts?

  2. I ran into the same problem when I was about to do the trick at a party. Needless to say it didnt go over as well as I'd hoped. I think I covered well and went on to something else but it defintely sucks.
  3. What new cans? I didn't even know there were new cans. (lol) Does anyone or have a picture of the cans?

  4. I talked to wayne about this. I dont want any exposer, so please PM or IM me if you have AIM. But if we're thinking of the same problem, then he answered it. Hope I can help!

  5. I've not had to deal with this problem yet, but I imagine you could get around it by tilting. Hopefully that gets the idea across without exposing anything!:p

    alternatively, turn the can around?

  6. Thanks for the replies.

    MagiK Man, I look forward to your PM :).

    Turning the can around on the other hand looks like a great idea!

    And yeah, I didn't have a problem with this yet as well, but I rather be ready.

  7. I have had issues with this.

    Dee, I'm surprised you haven't, It's a fairly common issue for me in the UK to have an 'unsuitable' can around thirty percent of the time...

    For me, it's about picking and choosing, and keeping in mind the cans you KNOW to have no such issues- I generally stick to Pepsi.

    Plus, it's an effect that I generally only perform for friends or at parties, so it gives me a chance to kind of 'vet' the cans beforehand.

    Not much help if you wanna perform this real world, I know, I'm sorry.

  8. You have disappointed us all. *sigh*



  9. Okay then, after some consideration, a possible solution to this impromptu-busting-problem...

    Upon being handed the can, we check if it is suitable. If it is, rock the hell on.

    If it is not, continue...

    -You give the can a few taps on the edge of the table/ground/a wall/etc, and state that you are 'checking it's solid'.

    -During this procedure, give it a tap which is marginally sharper than the rest, directly onto the surface of the cans curved bottom (oo-er).

    -Do not tap to hard, lest it burst, but tap it just hard enough to create a little indentation on the *part you need*.

    -This little physical twang should facilitate 'the move' and will also create a better 'smoke screen' for the final part of the dirty work.

    Hope this proves helpful, and although I have tried to be as vague as possible, I welcome any editing if I have somehow given too much away.

  10. That's better :)

    Don't you go letting the mindlapse name slip again young man!!:p lol

  11. If you have problems with new cans, Wayne Houchin sends an e-mail everyone in his newsletter and explains how to fix the problem...

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