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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sinful07, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Ive been completely mesmerised with ISV and their voluntary work placements and activities around the globe. Im more than willing to participate, but the main issue would be the money.

    I was wondering, does anyone have any experience with using magic as a Fundraiser? is it better to do magic at the street? Or do table to table magic then donations? Is even doing magic a good idea?

    What about other fund raising ideas?

    Me and my friend would need to raise £4,000. I think its achievable. Definitely. It'll take a ****lot of dedication though.

    Thoughts? let it run wild!

  2. you can go around and ask for donations.
    people usually can.
    look up fundraising online. or ways to raise money
    im sure you can find something.
  3. Do a magic show...seriously.
    Go to a local theatre and get some prices. And from there it's just simple math.
    If they charge $500 a night for rental of their venue and they have a 200 seat capacity. If you charge tickets at $15 each, you can make $2500 per night(3000 minus the theatre rental). And you can ask them to make a donation on their way out of the theatre on top of that.
  4. That is exactly what you could do and it works quite well. I've seen it done in my hometown by magicians quite a few times. Do a Saturday Night Show and a Sundary matinee / afternoon type show for people to come to after church is over.

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