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  1. Hallo guys.

    I'm trying to find out who are the flourishers currently staying in Singapore long-term, and who are active, because I'd like to establish links so that I could meet up with you guys and jam together sometime ;D

  2. As far as I know...
    Kevin H is 18 (or 19 -close enough) so he's currently in college in California
    Huron L is... I think Kevins age, and he's in California as far as I know
    Daren Yeow.. That's a god question.
    Jaspas, Ling, Ben, Leon are in Singapore.

    Kevin is going back to Singapore in June of '08. So am I.

  3. Any ideas on when there's going to be a jam session?
  4. im singaporean

    i live in singapore too .. im 14 and didnt get my jerryd for my birthday = (
  5. Shows how much you know, then - Huron's 20 and he's still living in Singapore.

    Anyway, besides Virtuoso we have Justin, Ling, Leon, the Czaras guys (Ambrose and Stuart), Ben You, Dragon, and Luffy.

    For those who don't know who Luffy is, you can see a pretty kickass video of him here:

    -Kev, The Virts
  6. I hate you Kevin.
  7. haha

    lol kevin pulled that same **** on me on the decknique website
  8. Excellent :D

    Anybody want to share contacts or something? :) Could you PM me?
  9. Hello, I am from Singapore.

    - harapan. magic!
  10. Okay :D

    If you're willing to let me add you on MSN do let me know your MSN address via PM please.
  11. as mentioned already most of those guys and Ling are in Singapore and they get together pretty frequently to jam at certain places .. if memory serves Jaspas arranged a meet up for a bunch of people just recently ... i think it was Leon that recorded the last Jam they had at Esplanade... which always looks like fun

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