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  1. Hey. I'm looking for a good method to control a card to the top of the deck. I'll try my best not to reveal anything while asking what I need.

    At the moment I use a double underpass to control a selected card to do the top of the deck - which is brilliant. But, I want something now which is a bit more subtle - something that makes it look like I haven't even moved the cards in any way. I also want something that isn't angle intensive - I usually perform where I'm surrounded by all sides.

    Has anybody got any suggestions on what card control moves I can try and learn, and point me in some direction of where I can learn them?

    Thanks for any help.

  2. How about the classic pass? It can be found in The Royal Road to Card Magic, or you can use the 1-on-1 with Jason England or Chad Nelson at dananddave

    Cascade Control-On Demand at dananddave
    Cherry Control by Ricky Smith- at dananddave
    Side Steal- at dananddave

  3. The overhand shuffle control is a very useful single card control. It works well in situations where you want the spectators to think the cards have been carelessly mixed and the chosen card is lost somewhere.

    On the other hand, if you want it to seem like nothing happened after the card was replaced, you could use a pass or a side steal (You can choose one of them based on the conditions of the trick itself). Actually a side steal is a really good move to use after a spectator peek. These are much harder moves than a simple shuffle control.

    There are numerous other controls out there. Moves like the bluff pass and the tilt can be used to place a card second from the top.

    You could also check out moves like the cherry control and the miller cascade control. They have their pros and cons.

    Overall, I would say that if you need a simple and efficient control, try to use a shuffle control (overhand or hindu shuffle). If the routine demands something that is invisible and doesn't seem to disturb the deck in any way, check out the pass and side steal.
  4. If you want something simple and angle-proof, then one of the best solutions is a technique that switches the card out before apparantly losing it in the deck. I'm going to make a DVD recommendation:

    John Guastaferro's "Brainstorm" DVDs, volumes 1 and 2.

    Not only is there an awful lot of REALLY good, very achieveable card magic on there (plenty of which are previewed on youtube) but he makes good use of a control which is all the things you're looking for. I still use material from this DVD set on a regular basis in my professional work.

  5. If you're looking for a single card control, maybe the Orbit Control? It's almost invisible from various angles.

    If you're looking for a pass, then the classic pass is perfect. I, on the other hand, prefer the spread pass because it's far more natural to me.
  6. Allan Ackerman Advanced Card Control Series Vol 3: Controls,

    you'll never go wrong. its a entire dvd set made a while back, (at least 20 years). so its full of old classic moves, and effects hardly anybody is familiar with. you'll be one of the few guys around using some of this stuff. well, kind of.

    tons of work on the convincing control, a couple passes, although its not a good source for other passes sadly, i was looking forward to learning some more. lots of Hfofzinzer stuff. lots of work on the spectator peek and the side steak.

    can't go wrong with that DVD if your looking for good effective controls, if you want the latest greatest hippest thing, like the cascade control, or the orbit control, (nothing against them) but you wont find them here.
  7. I use the Marlo's Tilt.
  8. You just described a 'classic pass'. It all depends on how you replace the card and whether you can get a break cleanly. As already stated, you could do the overhand shuffle control, which I feel is very convincing.
  9. Lee Asher's Losing Control is also great, he has an instant download Pdf on his website now, I believe. Also, the 1-on-1 Shinobi Control might fit your needs as well.
  10. Hmm...

    Classic pass by Jason England (t11 1-on-1)
    Shinobi control by Emran Riaz (t11 1-on-1)

    Shinobi control is just... amazing. I recommend that personally. It's only 5 bucks too, and Emran Riaz is a good teacher.

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