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  2. To say the truth, I like it a lot. The design is not too complicated but doesn't miss any details also. I think, I would buy a deck with such design. Will over aces also be stylized? What will the jokers look like? These are the questions that matter :) . Also have you thought about the finish of the cards?
    P.S. A like that you decided to keep black for blacks and red for red cards because nowadays designer are overtrying to create smth outstanding and play with colors too much. I like your deck a lot! Good luck.

  3. Thanks for the reply mooozzz, the deck will be printed by USPC.
    I will update the post with Jokers and court cards once I finish the design on them.
    And yes all the aces will have their own design (their own corresponding ancient beast).

    I just need ideas for the gaff cards as I dont know about any magic. =S
  4. Wow, this really is an exceptionally designed custom deck, very nice work.

    As for the gaff cards, you can go almost anywhere with this, a card that has two backs, two faces, or the value of an entirely different card hidden in its design are the most common. Personally I don't really use gaffs, and you'll find a lot of magicians dont, but its up to you.
  5. I really don’t think that you need a gaff necessarily. A gaff in a deck, to me at least, makes the deck feel almost as if I got ripped off on the quality of the deck and they just threw in a gaff to make me feel good. If you are looking for a deck tailored to magicians, I have a few ideas on how to make the deck more so a “magicians deck.” One would be to make it a marked deck. You have created a beautifully mesmerizing back on the card where it would be simple to hide a marking in it. If you would be interested in doing that or anything along that line feel free to message me. But if you are adamant on having a gaff card might I suggest a blank card, or a double backed card. With gaffed cards the simpler the better is my motto.
  6. I feel that marking a deck reduces its quality a bit. It makes it feel like another one of those cheap gimmicks, like a svengali or stripper deck.
  7. Well I don’t think so necessarily. If you look at the phoenix marked deck, or the Daniel Madison players these decks are handled just like a normal deck, but just happen to have the ability to be read. Plus more magicians use markings then you would think.
  8. thanks for the response guys! I guess I should go for the double backed and one with maybe my brand logo and website on it.

    It this project was launched would you buy it? :p
    Also if funding is high enough what do you feel about having metallic ink?
  9. In my experience metallic ink reduces quality, and quality is usually the most important thing to magicians.
  10. Ya, if funding goes high enough a nice embossed box I would like more then metallic cards, and if they were priced reasonably I would probably buy some.
  11. Thanks for the valuable information! I decided to price it at $15 for 1 deck $25 for 2 and cheaper for more decks.
    This is because the court cards will be fully custom and will be a unique deck =D
  12. By the way, to say about the gaffed cards: as mentioned already double backer would be great, but in my experience blank cards and double faces also work great. Sou you could add one of each, it's the custom deck anyways, so I don't think it's a big deal. Good luck submitting your project to KickStarter (;
  13. The only cards I've spent $15 per deck on were fully customized - every card had custom artwork, and even the suits were non-standard, and I still debated for days because of the price. So, they would have to be just phenomenal to pay $15 per, plus shipping. I don't know how well you'll do with that pricing.

    Good luck though, I do like the design so far.
  14. its gonna be $15 free shipping
    and yes all cards are fully customized
    Screen shot of the still developing Jack of hearts. (NOT FINISHED)
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  16. It looks great, this is going to be a really really nice deck, however the Jack of Hearts currently looks like he's getting a prostate check, I'd go with more neutral looking facial expressions.
  17. Hilarious :D You are right, i think. But facial expressions may add some fun to the cards.
  18. Heres the latest jack of hearts:

    Ill finish of the rest of the design then decide wether or not to change the expression on his face haha but I laughed reading that comment.
  19. wow thats a great looking deck. i like it because its not too crazy detailed but its just enough. that swirly back design looks really cool too. i like the neutral looking jack better. and as for the gaff, i would go with a blank face. pretty much all decks these days have double backers and i dont see blanks as often but i really like them.
  20. Thanks for the comment! you say the neutral looking jack which one do you mean?
    Yes I think ill just go for a double back and a blank

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