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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by D21400, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. klick herefor the introduction.

    Now because TH11-crew wanted to know why whouldn't we make a post about it.

    So, What do you want to change about this site.

    Please answer,

  2. There needs to be more in he battle system i dont know what but something that will make people want to battle and vote.
  3. hows about openning the wire?


    Adding a magic tournament to the battle section. Maybe you could do a saturday challenge tournament style.

    also I would like a map that people can register to and pinpoint there location, to see who is around.
  4. THE WIRE!!!!!! and what they said too
  5. i will like to see information about the music, in the media, store, and forums.

    example in media section: in the side of the video, in the bottom or something like that, a link to amazon/itunes/myspace of who is the song, the name of the song and so (this may need to be write by the user)

    something like that XDD, its just a little suggestion XD
  6. Come on you guys can do better.

  7. "Dont fix it if it ain't broke." Do you honestly think the site needs improving? I think it's fine the way it is, the only thing I could think that would make the site nicer (but not needed) is the business section Steve suggested.

    Cheers, Tom
  8. Watch the introduction to the end. They actually ask for ideas and problems so anything is welcome.

  9. full screen vids, and the wire
  10. 1. Open the Wire

    2. Add difficulty levels on the trick pages

    3. Get more moderators on the forums

    4. Get rid of the battle section, it's stupid. When did magic become a competition?

    Yay 100 posts!
  11. Contrary to many's belief, the battle section isn't to enhance your ego. It's too show what you've got and it's also a good way to get constructive criticism and advance on how to better yourself or the trick. It's a great section IMHO.
  12. I would like different viewing color options. The mostly black backgrounds with white lettering on many magic sites really hurts my eyes.

    If there is a way to switch this already, I can't find it.
  13. If that's the case, then why can't you just post a regular video?
  14. Business section on the forum would be nice. - Easy to add. :)
  15. Please keep it going...

  16. I know what we can do to the all-amazing battle system! Delete it! It's worthless in my opinion, but whatever. Not what this thread is about.

    I happen to think the site is just fine.
  17. I think a new logo/introduction would be in order. Hay, maybe a competition for the buzzing designers in here.

    I just feel that, after 2 years, the flickering 11 with a wierd yellow circle around it could use a re-vamp.



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