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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tavio, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. This guy in [LINK EDITED] is the main thing behind [LINK EDITED] His name is Raphaelr AKA Super Moderator of [LINK EDITED] look what he has to say to me and Diego [LINK EDITED] :mad:trust me this dude likes to reveal stuff by sending message to people and stuff also he spying on us and reading so if your reading this man your going down and also i need to speak to some one like DANIEL GARCIA also more info on him is that he Love torrent and downloads like everyday i think we should track his IP adress and call the FBI or something on him.
  2. We have to take HIM DOWN
  3. Tracking IP's against someones permission to do something like what your talking about..

    I don't think that would work out to well.

    *In fbi office*

    "So yeah i tracked his ip. found out where he lives and i have been watching him download this stuff.

    You need to help"

    Thats wouldnt blow over to well.

  4. am not sure what you saying but this guy is a Smart a$$
    he thinks he knows everything he did reveal indecent i think and torn.:mad:
  5. You and diego remind me of those guys who stand at the end of the streets with the plywood strapped to the front and back That says"Repent the worl is coming to an end!"
    . Freaking out because they think the world is going to end.

    Sure magic will get exposed.
    But somebody will "Blow a justicey-load" if you know what i mean.

    he will get nabbed eventually
  6. Yeah true but you know Wayne Houchin,Daniel Garcia and some magic creator are not making money because of this for,Example you make a Drop jawing effect and then is reveal WTF is that!!!!!!!so Thats my point:confused:
  7. I know what your point is.

    but tdiego also made a thread about this.

    And like i keep saying.

    It will sort its self out.

    If not then talk to higher authoritys.

  8. Seriously dude, you need to read this
  9. I hope to god your arent talking to me.

    I already said i Am grammaticaly handicapped.

  10. This guy must really have no life.

    I hope he's reading this. He's probrably some 12 year old fat kid with no freinds thinking he's going to get popular over the internet if he does the whole tough guy bullshit.

    I'll tell yah what Raphaelr. When you hit puberty, get some freinds, grow some balls, get a life, and get out into the sun light instead being fat in your room, then you can talk to me. Until then, go play with your GI Joe action figures and wonder where babies come from.
  11. ok Thanks for the Link.:cool:
  12. Nice Goofy!!!!:D
  13. You forgot education of the birds and the bees

    and Spiderman.

  14. Ok i have no clue what you just said!!!!!!!!!:confused:
  15. Nah, he's too busy being a dick on the internet and playing with his Yu-Gi-Oh cards......and his parents don't love him.
  16. ooo my god Man your so F**king funny:p seriously damn man I guess thats why they call you goofy do you have a youtube.:cool:
  17. Can we watch the language guys.
    Sure you bleeped it.
    But you can say freaking.

    Also gOOfy. You better be careful with tavio.
    It seems like he has a crush on you =P

  18. What is this the "Bash on fat 12-year olds who don't know about The Birds and The Bee's, play Yugi-Oh and post exposure videos on Youtube"?

    Because if it is I am DEEPLY offended.
  19. Nah, not yet. I'm going to be doing a sort of episodic street magic series on YouTube though. I'm still editing it and stuff but it'll be ready in a few months. It's gonna be badass...
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