Skater Cut Kickflip

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  1. where can i learn this? I've learned the skater cut (or the dnd variation) from the trilogy but i can't find a place where i can learn the kickflip. so is there a special dvd that teaches it or do you have to learn it on your own?
  2. I think that you have to learn it your own..
  3. Well i can see you flick it with your ring finger and all. do you have to loosen the grip on the thumb and middle finger? cuz its really hard to spin it when i do it.
  4. this move took me at least 2months to get it down meaning everytime i do it i would hit 360 or more
    its a knacky move so it may take awhile so just experiment with the grip in terms of how loose the packet should be held and also how hard your ring finger has to hit the packet
  5. Learnt it on your own, it hasn't been published.
  6. Woot! i finally got it. After 1 hour of practicing i could do a 180 spin, i can do 270 if i'm lucky and i managed to do a 360 spin once.
  7. theres a skater cut variation on the trilogy!!!!
  8. not able to get your point here....

    where is my cheese....jeeeez
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  9. i cant find the skater cut anywhere on the trilogy????
  10. its one of the phases in Jackson 5.
  11. they should make a line of tricks utilizing the skater cut like kickflip, christ air body varial and stuff like that. that would be sick

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