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  1. Okay, let me come right out and say that this is one of the best bill switches ever created. Based on a few other magicians that are credited in the DVD, Bob does a fantastic job at teaching and the effect is so simple it's almost stupid... "Why didn't I do that?" comes through your head over and over while watching the DVD.

    Basically, it's a ultra visual bill switch without the need of any extra gimmicks, TT etc. You can use a modified gimmick in order to make yourself look ultra clean through the entire performance.

    This effect is fantastic for close up or street stuff. Parlor magic it would work well for a few spectators. Anything over 5 or 6 would be pushing it, not because of angles or anything, just because it is so visual of a change that if you're too far back your spectator won't be that impressed.

    Angles? Sure, there are a very narrow set of angles that would reveal. As long as your spectators are in front of you, you're good to go (270 degrees or so). There is even an alternative handling that increases the performance angles to basically surrounded which is fantastic.

    The best part about this change, aside from the fact that it requires no gimmick, is that you can use it to switch just about anything. US Currency, UK Currency, Euros, anything into a check, a check into anything... even changing a twenty into 2 10's or 4 5's is possible. Basically your imagination is the limit with this effect.

    There are ywo different approaches to the effect. One that requires a bit of a set up (5 mins) and one that you can basically do totally impromptu (minor 2 second setup).

    This is by far the best bill change I have ever seen.
  2. Are you left clean at the end? Meaning you'll be able to hand out the bill and show your hands empty?
  3. No, there's no TT involved.
  4. I wasn't talking about a TT. Just asking if your hands are clean.

    Could the bill be handed out at the end with your hands being clean?
  5. Yes, if you use ditching methods you already know.
  6. Thee are a fw ways to end up completely clean. Misdirection takes a big pat of most o fit, but from evey time I've perfomed this, they just can't wait to get their hane on the newly appeared bill.

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