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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dean Magic, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Not too long ago there was a thread started about meeting young magicians. I then started a magic Skype group for teen magicians along with a few other people. (I am 14). There are now eight people so far that have joined the group. If there are any other teen magicians that would like to join you can send me a friend request saying that you want to be added to the group.

    Skype Name: jeremiah_mckay
  2. Books? (word count)
  3. Is it a serious group? I would be interested in a serious group where we perform and share ideas.
  4. I would love to join. My Skype username is stockslayer (I used to be obsessed with investing. I still enjoy it, but am not quite as crazy about it now). Look for a request later.

  5. I added you :) Mine is bottomdeal01! :D
  6. i'd love to be part of this group, don't know any magicians in new zealand :( - doomfulla

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