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  1. To all the members of Daniel Madisons Sleight Club, what have you received so far? And when was the last email you received regarding the sleight club?

    A few days before Daniels disappearance and before they announced they would be shutting down the website, I bought membership for the slightclub. I was gutted to find out the news but in the email they said that for sleight club members “your benefits just got much better” so I was still hopeful.

    Up until today, all I have received is the confirmation email for my payment. No downloads for pervious content or for the new bottom deal masterclass. I have sent emails to M, L, D, and every other letter in the alphabet with no reply.

    I hope I’m not the only one with no contact with anyone.
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  2. I don't claim to know Madison nor have I ever had the urge to purchase something from him. It's a shame that you do tend to see so many posts though of people never receiving their products or hearing back from him for long periods of time.
  3. I dont know how it is to have thousands of customers a day (yet lol) but on my website i really try my best to reach out to everyone I can as soon as possible. Like within 24 hours at most! It sounds like he has help from staff members so not sure exacrly what the issue is. Inunderstand he is going theough hard times but his staff should be picking up the slack.
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  4. On the same day they announced the website was closing, Sleight Club members got their second email that has all the links to the ebooks + now the bottom deal. The first one with the links was early May I believe.

    I personally have no idea what’s going on regarding their customer service as I’ve emailed asking about the status of my order to L/D/M with no response. I have not tried the that is on his IG and website.
  5. I bought my sleight club membership in late may and have’t received anything. I ordered another pack of black madisonist cards when they cut the prices but no sign of that yet either. I’ve Emailed as well and not heard from them either.

    I understand Daniel is away at the moment for his personal reasons but I would expect his staff to keep everything running as smooth as they can.

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