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  1. So I'm a beginner to Cardistry, and I've been using two types of cards, the Tally-ho Circle back and the Standard Bikes. I've used the Tally's for about 2-3 weeks now, and the Bikes for only a day. I find that the Bikes slide a lot more that the Tallys, and its easier to do cuts like the Revolution and Sybil cut with the Tallys. Is this because the bikes haven't been broken in yet, or are Bikes just more slippery than Tallys?
    Any help is appreciated.
  2. Bicycles and Tallys have different finishes, so their coatings are slightly different. Tallys have a Linen finish while Bicycles have an Air-Cushion finish, so the Bicycles will slide over each other more smoothly, but the Tally's will last longer and doing packet cuts will be easier, though the different in my opinion is very minimal.
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  3. Ok thanks :)
  4. Brand new decks slide around more. That's probably what you experienced.

    Things like this get confusing because of marketing. I have been in contact with Bicycle to create decks in the past. This is what they say about their different options in the packet for deck creators (I've changed the format a bit to make it more clear):

    "Classic playing card stock is our standard high-quality card stock and available at no charge."

    "Premium playing card stock is $### more per deck and is a slightly thicker paper."

    "Classic and Premium paper stock can also be crushed as thin as we can safely crush our paper for an extra $### per deck."

    "Embossed finish is available at no extra charge. You may have seen Embossed listed as Air-Cushion, Cambric, Linen, and Magic but they are all the same term for embossed"

    "Smooth Finish is available at an additional charge based on quantity. You will see smooth finish listed as Ivory finish"

    So, this means that if you are going to compare 2 different USPCC decks there are only a few metrics that it works with. There are 2 papers and 2 finishes. Then any paper can be crushed.

    A difference in two decks is likely not a matter of their stocks or finished but other factors.
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  5. O ok, thanks ;)

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