Slippery Cards?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Shawty, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. Aight, so im new to cardistry, started out with those decks you get in magazines and so on. Yesterday my Xtreme Beginnerz DVD arrived along with my bicycle rider back cards, one thing that struck me odd, the cards are to slippery i'll drop then doing the simplest thing. Is this normal?

    Is it that im just used to cheap magazine decks?

    Are tally hos less slippery than bikes?
  2. Welcome to the real cards world :D.
    Yes, at first, they are slippery. That is very good for fanning. I suggest you learn that.
  3. yeah
    what you experienced there is good quality cards
  4. Aight, guess i'll get used to it. Btw, im curios, how does making the cards slippery make them better for magic/cardistry? :p
  5. Slippery card are fannable, that's the point of them. You will get used to them, don't worry.
  6. actually being slippery has very little to do with card magic
    they have to be smooth enough so you can make a good spread so people can choose their card
    anything beyond that is not really necessary
    it can even hinder your magic (ie double lifts)
    but it is a mark of quality
  7. The first time I felt a bike.. i was like, " are you for real? HOw the hell can you do anything with this deck?" but over time you get used to it.
  8. lol, thats funny, becouse when I was starting magic, i lived in Costa Rica, where theres LOADS of humidity. So all my cards where clumped up, and the worst thing was, i thought that was normal!
    So when i got a brand new bicycle deck all my fans and stuff where perfect, becouse i was so used to clumped up ones.

    But nobody cares, so, back on topic, I say that youll get used to it.
  9. yea use them for a while so there less slippery and more "broken in"

    truth be told, most people, myself included, cant do half the things we can do with a normal deck than what we can do wit ha slippery one

    just keep using it, shuffling it, practicing fans ect.

    soon thell feel great
  10. its like riding a bicycle
    haha im punny
  11. I had same expirience. I started with "magazine" decks, and than i got Bicycle Ghost deck. I taught they were slippery because they are custom deck, but when i got ordinary Bike's, they felt the same way...

    Stupid story...

    Anyway, they are good for fanning, spreads, some colour changes (Erdnase, Ego...).
  12. Check out this thread I made at Decknique. It might help you. At first, the cards are very slippery out of the box. After breaking the deck in and getting it the very, very slightest bit moist (I mean really slightly... like barely) it will start to feel much better. After a while it will be perfect. The perfectness won't last forever so put the deck away in a cool, dark place for like 2 months. It will feel much better after that.

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