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  1. hey i tried to put an act in front of camera without any crowd to practice my

    act.. its even more diffuclt to act when you are practicing those expression by yourself.

    here is the result , i would like to here your opinions..

  2. everything is good except the placement of the box it needed to be to your left a little more, and keep practicing the "ditch". Make it more natrual.
  3. thanks, will work
  4. Very well done. I'm working on this routine too, but I'm not nearly as far along as you are (I just got the Fulves books a couple of weeks ago). But nonetheless, I have a couple of observations.

    For the first "sucker vanish" in each segment, keep your left hand a little higher. Other that that and Shin's comments, I think it was well performed from a technical standpoint.

    Be cognizant of where your gaze is throughout the routine. I think part of that is due to having a camera and no audience. There are times where you are not looking exactly where you want the audience to look.

    The timing is generally good, but there were a couple of spots where you could pause, like right after the sucker vanishes and before opening the left hand to show the ball. Look at the audience to see if they are watching, look at your hand as if someone said "the ball is vanished" and then reveal it as to say "it's a still there."

    Some of the movements need to be bigger... the crumpling and the sucker vanish. Slydini made those moves bigger because he wanted the audience to build up suspicious so he could burst that suspicious tension when the ball is shown to still be in the left hand) and then (figuratively) smack them with a 2 x 4 as soon as they relaxed.

    I also think it would help to have an internal monologue going as you perform. Come up with a script (like above) that you are saying to yourself. Base the script on what the audience is supposed to think is happening. This will help you telegraph the right expressions to the audience. Even saying to yourself, "I'm going to drop the invisible ball into box" will help it make it "better than natural." That is hard because the normal internal monologue is telling us what is actually happening.

    If you get the chance, see Bill Wish's "Slydini the Lecture" lecture. Bill was one of Slydini's students and has some great tips on that routine and others by Slydini.

    Now I have a question... where did you get the box?
  5. I have to say that since I'm 35% comedian and about 10% magician ( 55% hustler ), I watched this like a layman. I've been doing Paper Balls over the head on a stage for a good 14 years or so. This is what I thought it was going to be. What a pleasant surprise and thank you.

    I had to watch it a few times to try to figure out the method. What a joy is it to be fooled. It took me a few minutes then I reversed enginered it, and have my theory. I really, really, really like it and personally see a lot of potential for this routine with some comedic patter.

    I have more questions about the routine than your performance, I'm sorry. Since I'm not familiar with the original I have no reference point. I did see a few other people on youtube performing it and they were all sitting down. All did it to music. All had those excessive hand movements, which I found hillarious. But curious to see if they are neccessary. Someone mentioned Fulves.... is this routine in one of his books? If so I would like to know which one. Some of you might get mad with the way I want to do this, but I haven't been afraid of taking a classic and doing a remix to it.

    I'm assuming your lapping, this could easily be done with a top-it, right?

    And you said you were a restauarant magician? Do you do this in walk-around and just sit down in their table? So cool. When I'm not on stage, I perform heavily in bars and in nightclub VIP booths. The booths have bottle service and the music is very, very, very loud. I always perform with a NY Yankee fitted hat on, and something like this is simple enough for a drunk crowd to follow, still magical and puts great use of my hat into the routine. T

    Thank you very much for sharing.
  6. Smoothini:

    Watch Slydini perform itHERE if you haven't seen him perform it.

    The method can be adapted to being performed standing but it is not what you suggested. Bill Wisch goes through in his lecture and I'm sure youncanpick up his lecture notes by contacting him through his website.

    There is so much more to this routine than the method. You are right to learn it from the Fulves book. The title is The magical World of Slydini and More.. It is a two book set. One book has the text and another has black and white photographs of each step. Yeah, it was written well before the invention of the VHS tape.

    The book focuses on the elements that made Slydini's magic work. It also has the Helicopter Card trick which is another great effect.

    Finally, I see some issues with using a baseball hat for this routine. I won't go into that because it comes close to exposure.
  7. I liked this a lot. It looks like to me that you are trying to hard. Could be the fact that you had no audience. Very nice though.
  8. No I have never seen that and that was just amazing. Good, good, good stuff.
  9. hey,

    thanks for your usefull thoughts and i will put this in practice session, a few points i would like to talk about. first i also got the book and i am also working on the one coin routine, and i think that slydini dont talk about hwo fast this routine should be preform, tony calsrk routine extend it because he is using only three balls and rings, but slydini doing this routine in 2:10 minutes, and you can see in his videos how fast he's going, so me thoughts were to make to movements shorter and to try speed it up a bit.

    about looking and gazing on the hand i agree, i think its help if you move your hand a few times above the box, it also get good reaction, in the 2/3 vanishes.. because the pepole really looking to catch you.

    agree on the timing, but you know music kinda setting your pace on those kind of routines..
    and about the box card board big ones 15 Cm X 11 Cm smaller sides 10 Cm X 11 Cm you can make it higher if there pepole around need to do a triple card board on the sides and use black electric tape.. if you will hae any problems pm me
  10. well,

    thanks a lot for your comment and thoughts i didi in a returant last week , i sat on a table of my own next to and people saw me from thier seats, but it i s just one option if you can keep 180 degrees around you you can do it even on their table, anyway, its great also for stage with the music and i am sure you can fit a comic patter

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