Small tip for riffle stacking practice

Sep 26, 2007
Tokyo, Japan
Like baseball players use weighted bats to practice their swing, or track and field athletes use leg weights in some exercises, etc etc... try using Lee Asher's Fournier deck to practice your riffle stacking. The stiffness and extra weight in the cards will give your fingers quite the workout!

I sat and did my normal riffle stack practice routine twice with the Fourniers and then switched to the Bees, and stacking with the Bees felt like walking on clouds (so to speak). Sooo easy!
Aug 19, 2009
I have a few of Lee's decks, but I'd prefer to practice with a cheaper deck. Are there any alternatives you can suggest?


Elite Member
Oct 14, 2007
Bavaria, Germany
I know they are also quite expensive
but Wynn's should have the same effect ( I mean the Wynn Cards with the bee back design )

I also like to practise my shuffle work with Aviators
they are also quite stiff and they are pretty cheap
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