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  1. So right now I know of these companies that I think are "big in the magic world", ellusionist, lost art, vanishing inc, penguin and of course our great theory 11.

    What are the smaller ones and what makes them smaller? Like Sans Minds or Dan and Dave.

    So I guess I am asking what makes a magic company a company? Not just a once over to get a deck of cards out.

    Also what makes a big magic company a big magic company.

    I am interested to hear your thoughts.
  2. A magic company is a retail store that specializes in magic. So technically someone would need to register as a retail establishment, pay taxes accordingly, track accounting, inventory, so on.

    A big magic company has a big customer base/reach. When they announce a product, they can expect a certain number of sales by default. This is due to good marketing, a solid reputation, and generally having been around long enough to have been exposed to many people. Smaller companies have a smaller reach - either through a lack of reputation, a bad reputation, poor marketing, or by choice. Some folks choose to stay small because they offer very unique/boutique items that don't do well for mass production. Dan Baines of Lebanon Circle is a good example of that - he's an artist who creates everything pretty much by hand/one at a time. There's a lot of guys like that in the bizarre performance realm, and to a certain degree, also in the mentalist world.
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  3. Tonnage (amount of units sold) as well as revenue are prerequisites for a "big company". Also, employment is a huge factor in labeling a company as big or small.
  4. Earlier I posted an introduction to my small new startup magic company along with a trailer representing what our company does. But I was slapped on the wrist and had my post removed saying I was trying to send advertising. Funny thing is, the trailer is for a product that isn't even released yet. I included it to show what it is that we do. I am a HUGE fan of Theory11 and Loyal customer. I am also loyal to companies like Penguin, Art of Magic, (Ellusionist...not so much) The Gamblers Warehouse and others.

    In addition to having a career producing television series, It is fair to say that I come from the gambling world... and so do the employees working with me to bring our company to the magic I am admittedly new to the magic politics. Anyway, our company is called KardSharp. That's all I will say for fear of having my post taken down again. :)

    Houston Curtis
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  5. HoustonC1 - You can generally put a link to the site in your signature as well.
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  6. There are a lot of smaller specialized companies that are run by the craftsman. Joe Porper, Jamie Schoolcraft, Todd Lassen, Cliff Wiggs (Proline), Donny Buckley (RNT) and Lynetta Welch ( All are great people to deal with and make great products.
  7. Thanks Christopher. I'm not looking to ruffle any feathers. The company name is KardSharp...not to hard to figure out the url! lol Hope you check it out or check out my youtube channel!

    BTW....Boffo looks cool!

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