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  1. Hey everyone, recently I started to do some walk around card magic in a japanese bar/restaurant. Its a well known spot for magic, so sometimes you get the same old costumers. Last week a guy in his 60's came with two ladies, he had a few drinks, so was pretty happy, and he kept yelling at the other magician (two of us at different tables) in japanese laughing saying (roughly translated) " I know you use TWO cards on top, TWO card! TWO cards! hahaha!!!"
    Then it was my turn to go to his table... ( I didn't have a choice, the owner was staring at me saying - go on! go to him and show him some card magic)
    Well, it was weird, I did some ACR and he said the same thing to me and laughed, so I said back " NO, not two cards, ONLY ONE card watch" and did the bent card move at the top, but used a jiggle pass. it fooled him, He didn't know what to say after that. And then he kept on asking me "please teach me! teach me!"
    I didn't know what to say to that, or what to teach him. I didn't want to expose the methods, although obviously he knew some methods etc. So my question to any of you that have experienced "smart ass" guys that want you to teach them something... what do you say in that situation? The costumer is always correct, and you dont want to offend any costumers, that gig is all about happy costumers = happy boss lol
    I ended up giving him my business card and said, if you really want to learn, email me, and we can make a time.
    Any thoughts to help me prepare myself for the next "i know everything magic boy".
    By the way I am 6foot 2, 18 stone and do K1, so I could have easily punched him in the head and said think of any card now LOL
  2. Usually when people ask me "How Did You Do That?!??!!" I stick to my one response that I've been saying since middle school;

    "With style I hope. If not, I'm getting sloppy."

    When I'm faced with hecklers, drunk people, or people who just really want to know methods, I try a little harder to be a bit funnier. I believe that if you show these people good hearted humor and kindness, they'll remember you a lot better than if you slapped them with insults and acted rude. For me, this has worked wonders and has even gotten me a couple of gigs. I suggest coming up with a good line or two to say when you're in that situation.
  3. Hey Jeff! If you dont mind.. i might have to steal that line!! I love it!!!
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    @ yeah thanks, i love your line =)
    now i'm off to that gig...
  5. It depends on where your passion is. I'm passionate about art, and so for me, I don't have customers, I have an audience. If I earn respect with my audience, then I will have it. If someone decides to try and steal respect that I earned, I protect it. It was a gift from my audience to me, and I'm not about to let someone come and try to steal it, because that would be a loss to my audience.

    So, I don't use cheesy jokes. I don't use one-liners. I'm not a monkey and I deserve to be treated like a human being and not some trick-secret dispenser. I would suggest you react to people like this in the same way you would react to anyone disrespecting something you care about, and if they ask you for secrets, which cost money and thus have financial value, treat it for what it is--they are asking you to give them something of value without paying, which in some areas, can be considered being robbed.

    Don't be extreme, I'm sorta exaggerating. I'm just saying, don't let people trample something you care about.

    || sean ||
  6. That line is just incredible. Would it bother you if I used it?
  7. You guys can use that joke if you'd like. Haha, I'm glad you guys enjoy it.

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