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    SMILE is the first release by WTF No Limits alongside CELLBLOCK by BSmith. I recommend you read to the end of this review (or if anything, read the end of the review). There is something I think you should all consider when purchasing SMILE. Well, let's get into it.


    The Effect

    Check out the preview here.


    You need two things. You need a deck of cards and a cell phone. If you have those two things, you can do this trick. The angles are not perfect on this, but everyone will want to be in the picture anyway. As long as you are getting everyone on the picture that you are performing for, you should be good. (So don't do this for large groups.) Also, everything can be borrowed. You also don't have to use a cell phone. (Of course, it's best when done from a cell phone because everyone has one on them all the time.)

    The Method

    Easy. Too easy. In fact, if you've been into magic for more than a month, you can all this almost self working. Chances are, if you think about it, you can easily figure out the method of this effect simply by watching the preview. (More on that near the end of the review.) Verrrrrry simple. Impromptu, easy, and practical. Nice.



    I'm not sure if this is shot in HD or not, nor do I really care. I will say that the quality is very good. This was not shot with a web cam. I do think that this was probably HD though. Anyway, you get about 5 minutes of performances and I think about 50 minutes of instruction. Very nice.



    JM teaches everything very slow - perhaps too slow. I actually found myself a little impatient at some points watching this production. Of course, this should not be viewed as a bad thing because if someone who is new to magic watches this, then they will be able to learn very easily. The main move isn't exactly taught very much, so it is good to have a very tiny backgound with sleight of hand. If you've been in magic for more than a week, you should know the main sleight by now. So don't worry about it.

    Justin also goes into the psychology behind the effect (which is probably deeper than you thought). There were things that Justin did when presenting this effect that I didn't even realize until he actually talked about it during the instruction. All the little things add up though


    Final Thoughts/Should I Buy It?

    I remember a few weeks ago when I got a phone call from my friend. Let me give you a piece of that conversation:

    Me: So have you seen SMILE?

    Friend: Yeah, but that's looks stupid It's just a *Insert Sleight Name Here*

    --End Conversation--

    Sure, it's simple. Even so, I would recommend buying it. This isn't crap. It's not an impractical gimmick or a sleight you can only do for the web cam. When buying SMILE, you aren't paying for a revolutionary sleight that will change the way you do magic. You're paying for the creativity aspect. Sure, you can say that since you know how the effect is done, you can perform it. Still, would you had thought of using a cell phone in a routine? I doubt it. That's what the money is going toward. So don't say the effect is stupid because it's easy, it won't fool a magician, or because there are no new sleights. Look at an effect such as Witness by Lee Asher. There are no revolutionary sleights or anything in there. It's just an effect with a bag where the card happen to change in the plastic bag. There were no new sleights in there, but somehow the DVD sells for $20.

    Well here, you're paying for a very strong effect, a worker, and something very easy to perform. The cost is also only $10. For $10, you get a video that is almost an hour in length with live performances and a very in depth explanation.

    Again, even though the effect is very simple and easy to figure out, I would still buy it rather than perform it without paying. I'm not going to be one of the forum drones and say "Buy it because you get all the little nuances." Sure, that's true, but you are also buying it to support the artist and give credit to good creativity. Again, this isn't crap. It's a great effect and I cannot wait to start performing it.

    If you want to purchase SMILE, go to

  2. J Miller has gone in reverse, from professional, clean cut and with amazing effects and routines, to annoying 'street', 'hip' 1 trick video style with stupid tricks. It's usually the other way round. -____-
  3. (does scooby doo impression)

    Oh your talking about my strolling hands days, and x marks the spot...right..right.. um see people and styles change my man. And the street casual is how I feel right now, laid back and casual. Not all my material or B.smith's for that matter are as you put it: hip 1 trick videos. For instances Conviction will have two effects that can be done with the gimmick that lead VERY nicely into each other.
    Stupid tricks..I think I saw that on david letterman a few hes funny sometimes. If you think SMILE is stupid then man you have a lot to learn about magic. Stupid why? Because its DIRT easy in sleights? I would just be making things up trying to figure out why you think its stupid sooo why don't you tell us why you think SMILE is stupid.

  4. I think this looks great. I worked out the method from the preview video, but I think if I went out and did it now, I wouldn't get anywhere near the reactions J Miller got in that video. So if the video will teach that then that's definately worth buying it. It's a great idea for an effect, this looks pretty much perfect for an impromptu casual "so show me something" trick that will blow peoples minds.

    Is this seriously just $10 though? If it is, that's awesome.
  5. I like the effect very much, but I don't know how orignal you can call this I am sure people have tried this before I know I have. But I guess it's like Cris Browns' Venus Trap, alot of people have come up with this move much, but none have taken it to the level he did.
    So what I hope the trick comes with are subtleties that make the effect better and presentational ideas.
    Great Job on the effect though.
  6. I'm going to throw my 2 cents in as well on this.

    Smile is a great effect. Love the routine, Justin. This is my kind of magic: magic that creates an impact with real spectators while appearing to be moveless. Very clean, and very strong. Nice work, man.
  7. Woah woah so what im reading from some people(not just on here) that if an effect is too easy to execute,then the magic trick is boring/lame?
    Riiigghht cause knuckle busting hopping around card tricks are alot more entertaining than changing the image from a cell phone and levitating stuff.Oh yeah,those tricks are lots more entertaining....(f'ing idiots)
  8. Believe it or not, I've read maaaaaaaaany times on here that a trick is stupid because it wouldn't ever fool a magician. Those are the people who won't be in magic much longer. ;)

  9. Agreed. Magicians are not your target audience. The point is to entertain anyways. Not to fool. People don't like to be fooled. Then they think you are making them look like idiots and that is not good. Smile is a good effect.
  10. Just because you guys think the trick doesn't fool magicians or aren't easy to know how to do (this is the case for the guys who think they know :D), that doesn't mean you shouldn't buy it. The DVD probably explains stuff that you guys might not even realize in 100 years. I agree with Doug, if you're just gonna fool magicians, then why bother doing magic? Probably, 99.3% of the people in the world are laymen :D (You guys are going to have a hard time finding magicians just to fool them :D).
  11. Steps in a Steaming pile of TRUTH.
    You get a cookie.

    Now onto what I think,
    I love an effect which is simple, and makes my job easier to interact with people. Now I am not saying I am adding a full three page essay of patter to this trick that would be stupid.

    But I quite enjoy the idea, and when my funds are up I will purchase this DL (i am in the red in cash) and have not many organs to sell that I do not need.
    As an aside Justin are you performing in a nightclub?
  12. even so. if you can perform slights well, then you can fool magicians. i met a magician last night and fooled him with my biddle performance. granted he may have not been the best magician. but still, it happens

  13. Thanks Silver fang,
    I agree. Sleights sometimes gets in the way of what the desired effect is. And the same is true on the other side meaning sometimes patter can get in the way of really good magic.
    And to answer your question yes that is a nightclub?
  14. I can't believe the thinking with JM on this! I love it.
    Practical, easy, and hits harder than half of the 20938 lastest releases to our community from many other artists.

    JM I hope you don't mind if I quote you,
    This Comes from a responce he typed on the preview page
    "I am an artist and my goal is to give you guys solid, practical REAL WORLD magic..did ya see how that guy RAN AND SCREAMED. Commmeee onnnn! really, you think KNOWING how something is done is more important than WHY its done?"

    I think that sums it up pretty well. Great job on this Justin!
  15. I am currently in the process of downloading this. Justin Miller has always had a great mind. And his psychological knowledge is always worth the money as well.

    So simple, so powerful, so full of awesome

    Thank you Justin
  17. Just edited my review at the end. I'm letting everyone know that SMILE is officially on sale at Their website is not fully operational yet, but they wanted to make a temporary page for people to purchase CELLBLOCK and SMILE until their full website launches.

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    For those that care about such things - Paul Gertner has had an effect on the market for some time now (and was doing it well before then) combining card changes and cell phones.

    Brad Henderson

    (I am not sure of Paul's exact effect, and I do not know how that compares to what Justin is offering, but the card change/cel phone idea most recently was brought to people's attention by Paul. He also had some great work on signed card to cell phones-palm pilots dating back to the early 90's)
  19. Thanks, I'll look into that.

  20. Mine is officially downloaded. I look forward to watching it.

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