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  1. Smile by Justin Miller

    Card Magic | Easy | 54 minutes | $10 |

    A card is selected and lost in the deck. You find the wrong card and take a photo of the spectator holding this incorrect card on your cell phone or theirs, you then turn this wrong card into their selection visually! If that wasn't enough, the card on the cell phone then changes to the right card as well... And yes, they are holding the card in the picture!

    WOW! Right off the bat, there is more then meets the eye to this effect-it's AMAZING!

    See the many performances of Smile in the download (with is a plus, as you get to see the effect performed to a real live audience and you get the advantage to see how this little gem plays out) and you'll see how powerful this effect is!

    The beauty of this effect is in its simplicity; it leaves an entire room for presentation, gets the spectator involved (MORE then just a "pick a card" routine) and leaves them with a memorable really lets them experience the effect.

    Justin, being the great teacher he is, talks about how and why Smile works and the power of Smile; his teaching being superb!

    What I really admired is the psychological ploy behind the effect, again here, every little moment and convo. with the spectator will helps in every way. Every little moment of Smile builds and builds upon itself until the unbelievable climax.

    By the time your spectators think the effect is just beginning, you're already 2 steps ahead of them.

    All you need is a deck of cards and a cell phone (with a video camera of course), but don't sweat it if you don't have a phone, because chances are your spectators will.

    It's impromptu, it's 'sleight-less', it's simple, it has an instant-reset and it's just so darn clean.

    Justin teaches both an 'easy' and an 'advanced' version of Smile, although I prefer the former, but both are EQUALLY great.

    Angles here are great, as everybody will want to be in the photo, so no worries here.

    Justin brings here an audience tested effect, that may just be a "simple effect" to some, but has the pictures and story to prove it's much more then that.

    Towards the end of the video is footage of a convo. between JM and b. that contains many ideas, tips and subtleties. Even throughout the video, JM offers many little tips.

    Again, the production is perfect, with JM also teaching you the 'moves' from various angles, as well and a few funny tid bits here and there.

    Again, this along with CellBlock, has went straight into my arsenal!

    This is magic that creates an impact with the spectators...

    CellBlock by b.Smith

    Card Magic | Easy | 40 minutes | $10 |

    Two cards are freely selected, signed, and lost in the deck. Magically one of the two cards jumps to the top, and this card will now be used to find the other selection. But when that feat fails, magically, it changes into the other selection. "But if changed into your card, then something must've happened to your card". The magician points to their cell phone, that has been on the surface and visible before the effect began, and opens the battery compartment. Inside is a folded up playing card, the card is opened up and it is infact the selected, signed card.

    In the beginning of the video, b.Smith explains how this is his most requested and 'go-to effect', and I can surely see why.

    The gem of CellBlock is the carefully and cleverly constructed routine; with the multiple climaxes and, built-in misdirection.

    The beauty of CellBlock is also in its versatility; from the type of deck you use, the type of phone you have and the routine itself.

    B.Smith, as always, takes you to the ins and outs of this effect; everything from the tips, tricks and subtleties to perform this effect beyond its limits.

    The construction of the gimmick is minimal and anybody and everybody will be able to construct the simple, yet ingenious, portable gimmick that makes this routine so powerful.

    What I love about this effect is once set-up it's pretty much impromptu.

    The clean-up is practical, easy and simple, once you their card out of the phone, you're cleaned can setup in front of your audience just by closing the battery compartment of your phone.

    I found the production and teaching to be perfect and entertaining at times; with the artist going off-topic here and there.

    What I have also enjoyed are the various performances included in the video; covering many different locations, with the reactions being nothing short of astonishment.

    B.Smith, being the kind gentleman he is, has included a few handling ideas for the iPhone and other enclosed battery phones or phones that contain a tight battery compartment.

    I can't stress enough how much I'm digging this effect-what b.Smith has brought here is a workable, practical, and mind-blowing effect that will jump straight into your arsenal!
  2. When I saw Smile by Justin Miller I was very disapointed, is it me or is pretty much the exact same thing as Digital Conviction. It seems like a rip from B.Smith. Personally I don't like Justins work and this is just another dislike. But if it is me please tell me if I am wrong.
  3. Both, Smile and Digital Conviction, contain a similar climax, but their handlings are different.

    But nonetheless, both are great impromptu and networking effects.
  4. What about the new Thru Line by B. Smith?

    Anyone who have brought that and is it cool or what??

  5. Thru-Line by b.Smith is sick!

    I'll see if I can right a review for it in a few weeks.
  6. That would be awesome..

    It looks very nice and attractive..

    Frequency seems also pretty interesting

  7. Thanks for clearning that
  8. No problem!

    Also, I recommend checking out both, Smile and Digital Conviction...very, very great effects.
  9. I already figured out digital conviction and I think I will stick with that.
  10. I'm pretty sure the method to Digital Conviction may be obvious but trust me when I tell you this from experience the handling is what's valuable from the DVD not the method even though the method is pretty dam sweet. I work the booths at the conventions and I perform all the Papercrane tricks for the onlookers along with DC and correctly executed (that is the way B. teaches it) it fools magicians so check out I strongly recommend it so you don't miss the important things that make it a good effect.

  11. Exactly!

    I have to agree with Shane here...well put, Shane!

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