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  1. Wow, my first thread ever here on Theory11 :). Hi everyone!

    I wanted to share a little tip with you all on how to get the best puff out of the Smoke 2.0 device.

    I received my device a few days ago, and from the start I was having to pull very long on mine in order to engage it, and by the time I got solid production, it was way too obvious to an observer. Think milkshake.

    I was able to sort out that the issue was that part of the draw was going around the gimmick.

    The solution: Between ink and gimmick.

    I cut a single line from a pocket notebook with lined paper, folded it longways so it's now half height. I then folded it in a small back and forth in Z fashion a dozen times or so to make a small, square Z spring. I took this paper "spring" and placed in the hole on ink side (fold it so it fits down in, you may need to fish it out and readjust/replace someday). When reassembled, paper Z spring now gently pushes the gimmick up into perfect placement and now forms an airtight seal where needed.

    Technically one could probably use many different items to achieve the desired result. For me the lined paper was handy, easy to fold to fit and remove/readjust/replace if necessary. I'd caution against using too much of anything as you don't want to create undue pressure/stress on anything, just want to push the gimmick up enough to snugly seal any gap.

    It performs so much better now, and easy to draw thick plumes without facial anomalies or give aways.

    I tried to be subtle here and give nothing away, I'm so excited at the improvement I wanted to figure out a way to share my fix with other users and not give away the farm so pardon the vagueness, but those who own 2.0 will know exactly what I'm doing here and if you have this issue, will understand immediately why this fix resolves it.

    This also solves the slight rattle that developed, which does not exist in the real world and is another possible giveaway to a spectator.

    Hope I was able to help someone, I figured it couldn't be just me with this issue. Nothing at all bad to say about this item, it is a pure joy to use and absolutely brilliant. Perhaps in future runs the inks could contain a small and fitted foam plug? Just a thought.

    Cheers all,
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