Smoke and Mirror V4 Problem

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Monopoly, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. Has anyone noticed that on the back of some of these cards have spots missing green? ie. 7 off clubs
  2. I don't have these cards, but I have read other posts from other members saying that they have the same problem.

    But they still look great.

  3. i noticed it on both of my decks, both 7 of clubs have it, its not that big of a deal for me so its cool. If u look at a few pics on the product page u can actually see the spot.
  4. I have only one card like that, not very noticeable in my opinion. What I do notice is the reviews online, everybody has deck seals, and none of my decks have a deck seal.
  5. I purchased a brick off EBAY thst has deck seals
    a brick off T11 that has deck seals
    a brick from Danandddave with no deck seals
  6. Would you guys like a review? I posted one on the other forums.

  7. I ordered three decks from Dan and Dave, and they all have deck seals.

    I have only opened one of the decks so far, and it had the issue with the spots on the 7 of clubs. As well, it (the whole deck) was printed severely off center (3mm border on top, 6mm border on the bottom--a huge discrepancy).

    I've emailed customer support, so I'll report back with my experience in how they handle this situation when they get back to me. :)
  8. I also ordered some decks, however none of my decks have seals and the card with the D&D logo has a border around it. Also the court cards have a wider border around them, but its not very noticeable. Aside from that the cards are great and I have noticedd no problems with the back design border or the 7 of clubs. Maybe the decks with seals and the decks without seals were two different runs.
  9. Yeah I bought 64 decks but all of them have deck seals, which I like?
  10. Were yours from the first or second run? I ordered mine from the first run (the first release date). Possibly the second run went smoother? =/
  11. They were from the second release date.
  12. Just so everyone knows, I don't think there was a difference in the first batch and the second batch.

    I received my first batch of 72 (all with seals).

    My second batch of 144 (all with seals). I opened about half the bricks just to double check.

    Both from Theory11
  13. Just to confirm, the third shipment of v4 decks did not have seals - this was not a mistake. These were printed in three separate batches for quality control. As mentioned, USPCC had a difficult time printing the metallic - this was the first time they had used ink of that kind on their new press. Because of that, these were done in controlled runs under close supervision.
  14. How many decks were printed all together?
  15. I guess I bought a good deck because mine doesn't have any spots missing on the 7C or any defects for that matter.
    I feel kinda . . . left out.:(

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