Smoke and Mirrors First Edition on eBay, worth it?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by VanishedMan, May 19, 2011.

  1. I only own the green Smoke and mirrors so far, the V4 if I'm not wrong.

    I always wanted to buy the first edition, and now I found an interesting auction on ebay starting at 71$, I don't know what's the reserve price, but it looks interesting to me.

    there is the auction, I don't know if this is against forum rules, if so feel free to delete it

    -> Smoke and mirrors Auction

    What I Ask to you guys, are those 2 decks worth this price? Or if someone can tell me what's the right price to pay for those.

    P.s. There is also a strange card with a fish apparently self-printed?Or something else I don't know.
  2. The squared off bottom seems to be a lighting reflection, not a box scam. The seller also has good ratings and comes highly recommended from Ace-King, but go with your gut.
  3. V1 are ranging between $90 and $130 at the moment. It's worth it if you're a card collector but maybe not worth it if you actually want to use them, depends how rich you are.

    If it is a scam like Casey said then under the ebay terms you can file for a refund as in the description it specifically says they are the DnD cards.
  4. Thanks for your replies, Are there any cases of people buying fake D&D cards? Like those fake nuggets sold on ebay last year?
    I never thought those could be fake 'cause I never heard of fake Smoke and Mirrors decks, anyway I'll see where the auction goes and then I'll try to make an offer between $90 and $130.
  5. Honestly the auction may go as high as $150. I've yet to see a v1 set sell for less than $100, which is what v2/3 sets are selling for now.

    That looks legitimate. As stated, that is a lighting glare, not a squared off thumb hole.
  6. So they're original? maybe I should request more photos to the seller first, but any info on this extra card?
  7. You really don't need more photos. They look real and you're covered by ebay terms and conditions if they're fake.
  8. I'm the one selling those , and yes they are real, the extra card is one printed by myself on a white bicycle card, the card have the back of the Smoke deck, but it isn't actually usable, in fact into the auction I wrote that is for collectionists, it can be plastified if requested, or will come with a little plastic bag.

    I do not think someone remember about me , but I'm an old user, you can contact me with a pm message for a private offer.

    p.s. Vanished Man if you want to receive more photos contact me on ebay


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    Is there a place where to sell our stuff on T11? I do think this topic is in the wrong section.
  11. There is not a section on the Theory 11 forums regarding selling things. I'm pretty sure that the forum rules state that you shouldn't talk about selling items on here.
  12. The topic is in the right place, as it is asking for opinions on whether or not to buy the deck. Leonhart, your posts... weren't really. There isn't a "for-sale" section on t11. I'm pretty sure you could get away with just telling the winner to email you or something.

    And, as far as what Mehar said goes, I took a look at the forum rules just now. They say this:

    The seller isn't really outright advertising his product here, rather, offering an incentive to members of this forum. So I'm not sure what a mod would do about that.
  13. Thank you both for your replies, I edited the post where I was offering a bonus for the forum members.

    Anyway this auction is over , if someone is interested feel free to contact me privately.


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