Smoke and Mirrors v3 - Out Of Stock?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sinful07, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. Just to have verbal confirmation- Smoke and mirrors v3 are outta stock aye? They're out on, and they're not showing up on my cart here on T11.

    someone confirm? Please and thanks.

  2. I've tried and i put 3 of each in my cart but i am only getting 2 smokes and that's it. I m pretty sure though that they are going to be out of stock :confused: by the time you finish reading this.:eek:

    So i think it is to late.:mad:
  3. just noticed that the mirrors are out of stock in single decks so you can only by bricks or single decks of smokes in single and/or bricks but im pretty sure that when you are through reading this would have changed:eek:
  4. Kind of odd- Anyone else experiencing the same thing? Surely if you can buy bricks, you can buy singles.
  5. They now have a sign that says sold out.

  6. Mirrors appear to be sold out, but Smokes appear to still be in stock. I'm surprised. I don't mind the changes to Mirrors, but it only accentuated my preference of Smokes, despite loving both.
  7. v3? whats new on it? I'd really want a second release of the 1st editions.. cos the back of the mirrors had white on the edges.. it looked really cool and elegant. One nice thing is that one european store has those cards v2 and i'm about to purchase them.. :)
  8. mirrors are sold out but the buy button wont work for the smokes:eek:
  9. Good catch - this has been resolved. You are correct that all Mirrors v3 are out of stock and no longer available. We do have a small quantity of Smoke v3 decks in stock. I would expect them to sell out very soon, so order quickly if you are looking to get some of the remaining supply.

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