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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by trikuxabi, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, I'm going to review this effect by Alan Rorrison that I received some days ago.


    By itself, "Portal", the effect taught on the DVD (created by Dan White), isn't very powerful. You will get good reactions, but the audience won't be amazed... They'll think there's a gimmick.

    The good thing is when you start to create your own routines. Create an easy "card to mouth" add SMOKE, and it will be awesome, since the audience will be asking to themselves two questions: What's that F****** smoke? How could (s)he make my card appear in HIS/HER mouth? That's when the good thing starts...!


    I can't say too much of this, but it's a really clever gimmick. You can't imagine what it is... You don't need to have it concealed during the entire effect and your mouth can be examined immediately after the puff of smoke comes out of your mouth. Nuff said.

    THE DVD:

    I think that 21 min. is not enough. Not a lot of details given and just a routine taught. Some additional ideas are given you to develop them, but...

    The quality is amazing, just like any other T11 DVD.


    Even if the effect by itself is not amazing, with some creativity you'll create a miracle, and I think $50 is not too much for this, even if the price would be cheaper if instead of the DVD some written instructions were given.

    EFFECT: 5/10
    GIMMICK: 7/10
    DVD CONTENT: 3/10
    DVD QUALITY: 9/10

    OVERALL: 6.5/10
  2. trikuxabi,

    Appreciate your review and glad you enjoyed the effect. That said, I do urge you to withhold judgment of the power of the effect until you have a chance to get out there and use it and feel it. If you just received the effect a few days ago, this will take several weeks to morph and finesse into a proper, polished routine. But MAN, once you get the presentation practiced and rehearsed, saying Portal "isn't very powerful" will make you look back and laugh. I promise.

    Like many great effects in magic, though, it's a very simple effect. It needs no complication and absolutely doesn't need cards - it's beautiful and powerful in and of itself. The reactions shown in the video speak for themselves as to the intense power of the presentation, but give it time and the due practice it deserves. Treat it well and it will reward you with reactions unlike anything else.
  3. Bayme, I agree with you. It's true that I haven't experimented with it enough, but I still think you have to create something else than PORTAL to get REALLY GOOD reactions (with or without cards)
  4. trikuxabi,

    Thanks for the insight and glad to hear your review. Like JB had mentioned, definitely give this a go in a few real performance scenarios. Most people, including many long time pros, have commented to me on how strongly this plays. I know myself from doing this many times, that this can get fantastic reactions from any audience. That being said, the reason why i put the "portal" routine idea on the dvd versus including the MULTITUDE of ideas we had come up with, is because it is the simplest and most direct routine that only requires the included gimmick. It does not need the prior knowledge or performance ability of another routine or any extraneous parts like cards, coins, or cornish hens. Simply put, Portal allows a viewer to watch the dvd and immediately go out and perform the routine.
    Personally, I usually perform Portal or an effect where I use the smoke as a metaphor for my soul (sounds whacky but is quite poetic). Anyways, SMOKE is an incredible utility item that can be used in so many ways to enhance so many different tricks-you just have to experiment with it and see what works for you.
  5. Nice thoughts Dan! Anyways, I think the card to mouth we can see in the preview should be taught... or taken out from the demo!

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