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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Silvertear, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. I just got smoke and I don't know if my device is working :S
  2. did you charge it?
  3. I had my battery in until the charger lit green. It didn't take that long until it turned green. But I still can't get any smoke out. Maybe I'm doing something wrong :S
  4. can anyone help me? this is driving me insane :( I've been waiting for this trick for so long. I even paid $56 for the fastest shipping and when I got it, it's not doing what it's suppose to do :(
  5. Did you try submitting a ticket?
  6. how do i submit a ticket :S
  7. Silvertear,

    Contact our support crew by hitting the Contact button at the top of this site, or by hitting the "send a message" button at the very bottom right of any page on the theory11 site. Our support crew will make sure this is fixed up ASAP!
  8. Ohhh is that what a ticket is?
    I sent one already and thank you :)
  9. Did you make sure you screwed the battery all the way into the cartridge so that it is snug? I can give you other advice in PM to avoid exposure of the appearance of the gimmick.
  10. yes I tightened it as tight as I could
  11. Check your PMs
  12. I replied to your pm
  13. let me know if you get this sorted mate. Also if you need any help you can pm me too. Im here and happy to help
  14. Mr. White sent me a pm but he logged off before I could talk to him. Other than that no one's helped me with the problem yet. T11 support just sent me a reply to my ticket and said I can submit a video of myself trying to use the gimmick and show that it doesn't work so I guess that's what I'll do. BTW I love the trick though :) I think it's so deceptive
  15. Has anyone else had any problems with the device failing? Mine is not working and I've used it less than 10-15 times. I've tried changing cartridges and everything.

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