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  1. I received Smoke today and think it's a very cool utility. This may seem silly but I was doing it for the first time just testing it out, without giving too much away I was ready for the finale of portal but find myself needing to breathe so I assume breathing in through my nose is fine then no smoke comes out.

    Like a fool I have never smoked so I have no skills! Is there a way I can breath in through my nose without inhaling the smoke? I can't hold my breath every time I want to do this....
  2. Yes, you can breath for as long as you want through your nose while retaining the smoke in your mouth.
  3. No that's what I'm trying to say Dan, I couldn't hold my breath any longer so I started breathing through my nose and inhaled the smoke. Guess I'll just keep practicing.
  4. Retain the smoke in your mouth and not in your lungs, and there should be no trouble breathing through your nose.
  5. I agree with cmayhew. It is possible just takes a little practice. Like he said u have to retain the smoke in your mouth and not inhale it into your lungs. I know its going to sound funny but u basically have to hold the smoke in your mouth and close the passage into your throat, while doing that your airway can stay open allowing you breathe through your nose without inhaling or exhaling any of the smoke. Like I said I'm sure that sounded really funny when reading but that's pretty much what u have to do. Good luck. Hope I didn't confuse you.
  6. I had no idea you could do that. This just sold me on it immediately. Wow.

    || sean ||
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    I know that much, I'm not an idiot :p I'm 23 and have never smoked so never had to try and breathe through my nose without inhaling somewhat through my mouth. I guess what I was really asking here is if there is a proper breathing technique but I'll just keep practicing. I'm sure I'll figure it out.

    Edit - Can't believe how hard I'm finding this, when I breath the smoke comes out my nose.
  8. just make sure that you inhale a large amount of air first through your nose before exhaling through your nose. This way, any "smoke" that did get into your lungs will have dissipated into the air you inhaled, and be invisible when you exhale.
  9. You don't have to hold your breath to eat and drink right? Just do it like that. Practice breathing with a little water in your mouth maybe that could help.
  10. I agree with Haunter.

    I do not own this effect so I don't know the particulars but you could try concentrating on identifying the muscles you use while breathing with some water in your mouth. The same principle should apply for Smoke if you are wanting to keep the air in your mouth from being inhaled or exhaled when you breath through your nose.

    I am big on meditation and fine control of ones body and this is right along those lines. With some practice and some deep concentration you can learn to isolate those muscle structures to close them off on command.

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