Smoke & Mirrors: Luxury Edition is Coming This Weekend!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Okay guys, you all have been waiting for this moment. The 3rd, or Luxory Edition Smoke and Mirrors are going to be released this Halloween weekend along with the release of the highly anticipated Genesis. On the iTricks Clinic with Andrei Jikh, Jonathan Bayme held up a deck of cards that read Smoke and Mirrors: Luxory Edition on the bottom of the box. Not much is revealed yet, but as of most of their products, they will reveal everything on the release day. Hope you guys are excited about this new release along with Genesis!

  2. I don't know if they want this leaked...oh well.

    Looks amazing. I'll try to pick some up. I definitely need some Smoke and Mirrors, at least 5 of each so they don't run out.

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    If they announced it publicly, then it's all fair game. ;) What they want on the hush hush would not had been revealed.

    While at the time of writing my review, I believe I thought the cards looked pretty nice, but I've grown to hate S&M. I really don't like them at all. We'll see if the 3rd editions look any nicer.

  4. Just have to say that I am very, very excited for this saturday with the release of GENESIS and the new Smoke and Mirror decks. WOW!!!:D
  5. Sinful - I thought so. And did you mean grow to hate? You said have.

    And hey I'll take them off your hands. ;)

  6. Fixed. ;)

    Also, NO WAY! I'm selling these babies someday!

  7. So Smoke and Mirrors are being release this friday. That so cool. I going to pick up three decks.:D
  8. Dang it, Doug!

    ....I'll give you Andrei Jikh for a Smoke and a Mirror Deck...


  9. RIGHT after Arcane's come out :p. I might as well take the black tigers and vipers out of my order and get these....
  10. I could probably make a couple of extra bucks selling Andrei Jikh on Ebay. Not exactly a fair trade, but it's in my favor.


  11. well, theres Genesis, then Reflections, and now S&M... i dont know what to get
  12. Alright.

    But just so you know, to cover the shipping from Russia, I had to give them Homer Liwag. Then Russia gave him to Korea....

    Now they have TWO nuclear weapons.

  13. Yay!! more stuff to buy!
  14. S&M and Genesis.

    I wonder what makes the "Luxury" in the new 3rd edition S&M.
    Is it the feel?
    The look?
    The free Andrei Jikh you get with purchase?

    All I know is Saturday is going to be AWESOME!!

    -Jon R.
  15. No, you misunderstood me.

    You get a free clone of Dan Buck. In other words, Dave.

  16. Jason Buck

    But what if they trick us and its actually their other brother, Jason....or is it Justin....

    -Jon R.
  17. Or their sisters Jen and Jan.

  18. Ok,ok guys. Dont overdo it and kill the joke.
    (though some might say it died already)
  19. Of course the week I'm broke.
  20. Haha. It happens to be the week I get my money. Looks like I'll be spending a few hundred dollars this weekend... Win!

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