SMOKE & MIRRORS v5 Playing Cards - Released

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  1. The fifth edition of luxury brand playing cards by Dan and Dave Buck. Featuring artwork by renowned designer Si Scott in the United Kingdom.

    This new edition showcases the same acclaimed aesthetic of the Smoke & Mirrors v4, although instead of green - they are an elegant, metallic denim blue. The colors were carefully selected personally by Dan and Dave. The design is simple, elegant, and refined.

    As the fifth generation deck, we employed all previous experience to engineer our highest quality playing cards to date. Unlike any previous edition, the fifth edition playing cards feature unique embossing on the tuck case to exceed all expectations.

    Premium, luxury playing cards printed proudly at the United States Playing Card Company. Four previous versions have sold out within days of release. Will you miss this opportunity? The choice is yours.

    :: SMOKE & MIRRORS v5 - Playing Cards
  2. I just got a Brick! I am very excited for them to come!

  3. I am imagining every teenage magician begging their parents right now....."But Mom, Please...I have to have these tonight...they'll all be gone"....Ha Ha. They look very nice. Like the blue!
  4. i could only get 8 darn, but if there are still some weds (when i get paid) i'm ordering a brick + dresscode. even if they are sold out i'd get dresscode lol. Thanks T11
  5. This is true. It's actually happening right now with me. haha
  6. naw i prepared last night. i gave my parents the cash in exchange for their credit card :)
  7. me too, i got 2 bricks. im very happy
  8. Already bought S&Mv5?

  9. hi bayme..
    tonight i just bought SM5, SENTINELS, 125's, D1, dresscode, colorblind.
    is it ready for shipment..?
    coz everybody thought of the "out of stock" things come to mind..
    so im thinking when im finish order i can got my notification mail...

  10. This is just as pretty as the v4!!!
    Love the blue, hopefully my local magic shops will have this soon :D
  11. i bought some . ;)
  12. I got 3. Im too pov for anymore. haha.

  13. Just bought 3 of them, so excited!
    (Parents wont let me get more...)
  14. Just got six. They look amazing. I love the blue. They almost look like a regular blue-back deck. Except way sexier. Wonder how audiences will respond to them. They always liked the green ones when I told them they were eco friendly cards which is why I use them. Maybe I won't have to explain this version.
  15. Just bought a brick can't wait to get them.They look awesome!
  16. Just bought four. They look quite nice in blue! :)
  17. My Mom let me bet seven. That's all I could afford...
  18. Why must they be so expensive and so limited edition? I just want to use these cards like I do Bicycles.

  19. i'm very happy that this year even though most of the world is going through economic troubles I have earned more money then i've ever had. God has blessed me very much i think
  20. Hm, he has given you more money. But made countless amounts of people to lose their jobs, and millions of others to live in poverty.

    He sounds like a bit of an ass to me...


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