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  1. Hey guys does anyone have any information about the V5s? I've heard some rumors about them but I don't really have any good information about them. So does anyone out there have some hard facts?
  2. Dave said at a lecture that there going to be blue
  3. These are on the presses as we speak! I spoke with the press supervisor a few hours ago, and everything is running smoothly thus far! Very excited. We've only released limited details thus far, but I can confirm that they are, in fact, BLUE. And awesome. Stay tuned for more information over the coming week...
  4. Are they combined again like the V4s or will it be two colors?

    Thanks guys
  5. The v5's will be available in any color you desire... as long as you desire blue. Just kidding. But yes - just one edition (blue), similar to how there was one edition of the v4's. It's a steel, denim blue though - and looks awesome.
  6. Thanks JB (haha) I'm not disappointed, I loved the green on V4. I'm sure they are truly amazing and I look forward to the big release
  7. Also has anything been said about the back design? I saw a page that had "S+M V5" the cards were blue but I think it was just an edited pic of v4 decks and I wouldn't think that D&D would keep the back design
  8. Just saw the completed boxes for the first time today - have them in hand as we speak! I sent a few pictures of them earlier today to Dan and Dave via email. We could not be happier - these look a league above the previous S&M editions. Check out their response below!

  9. Sweeeeeeeet.

    (I wanted less e's, but, well, word count.)
  10. Haha nice (word count)
  11. In the beginning there was a Smoke Deck and a Mirror Deck.
    Why are they called smoke and mirrors if it's only 1 deck?
  12. Dan Buck posted this last night on Twitter. Not going to lie, the color (easiest to see it on the side of the box) looks sweet.

  13. awesome!!!!!!! Can anybody give me an estamate price? so I can save up my nickles and dimes. ,)
  14. 5.95 per deck is the release price I think, they are limited I thnk they'res only 20,000 prints of them.
  15. Like all previous versions, these will go fast. Make sure you are ready to buy the first couple days they are out, else you will miss them all together.
  16. Dang! These look awesome. Might have to pick up a brick.
  17. do yal think there will be a double release like the v4's. Bc i only have enough money for 8 decks, and i'd like to get 12 more when i get paid on Weds. So do you think they will be complely sold out then, or have two releases.

    Last time when i bought V4's they were sold out, then a few days after another release came and i only bought 1 deck, how sad.
  18. :( about you only getting one deck. But I expect that there could possibly be two releases but I would just try to be at your computer waiting at like 10:50 just to be ready
  19. Why was there no epic v5 video?

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