Smoke One vs Ultra Smoke 2000

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    Thinking about getting a smoke devise to enhance my magic. Which do you feel is better, ultra smoke 2000 or Smoke one electronic? Any advice on the matter would be appreciated. Set up, smell, ease of us, any draw backs for either, or whatever you can think of? Thanks!
  2. Now question I would go with smoke one. Ultrasmoke uses a very corrosive chemical. (It ate the cuff of my jackect.) smoke one sounds like a mini fog machine/ smoke machine. Either way the electronic versions are the way to go for smoke effects.
  3. I use ultra smoke 2000, I think its works very well; except for the fact it's corrosive. if you planning to buy ultra smoke, I recommend you implant in a cheap jacket that you bought in good will for something. Because over the time, the chemical will eat up the material in your sleeve as mentioned.
  4. thanks so much, yeah i don't worry about the corrosive part, is it totally easy to activate in both methods? Also does anyone know if smoke one isn't corrosive? Just want to make sure both methods are easy to use and if one isn't corrosive then the other one then that would be better, i know about the extra cartridges for ultra smoke 2000, but not sure about smoke one, how is that refilled? Does anyone have smoke one?
  5. This is from the ad copy of Smoke One

    "The Smoke One ELECTRONIC minds your clothes. "

    I believe that's their way of telling you that it is non-corrosive.
  6. I do not have a smoke one but if it is what I believe it is:

    Its easy to refill
    Does not cause damage to props
    Safe to use in a close up situations (non ventilated and ventilated areas)

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