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  1. Hi,
    I'm relatively new to this forums, but I have a question about Smoke and I thought
    it could be answered here.
    At the end of the trailer, you can see Dan White doing card to mouth with Smoke.
    Is this taught in the dvd?
  2. There are other ideas explained on the DVD, but not a card to mouth routine.
  3. Can you name a few?

    (Just wanna see if it's worth it)
  4. If you're going to come up with your own ideas, then yes, it's probably worth it.

    If you're not going to come up with your own ideas, then no, it's probably not worth it.

    What makes Smoke "worth it" is its value in innumerable applications. If you're just gonna puff out smoke every time you do something magical, don't bother. And if you really want it for the card in mouth, you should easily be able to find out how to do that by purchasing a good magic book.
  5. Check out my response to one of the threads in the Reviews section of the forums. I offer some other ideas not mentioned in the DVD that I plan to use Smoke for in my own repertoire. Smoke is extremely versatile and can be applied to virtually any effect with some proper thought and creativity. It's not really an effect in itself-- it's a great utility device that people should adapt to their own material. Dan White offers a decent effect called Portal, which evidently plays really strongly, but as prae mentioned, I believe the true potential of this device depends upon the creativity of the individual performer.

  6. Thank you Romeo, that was exactly what I was looking for.
  7. Also note: card to mouth is taught on this site. As for the folded card, you could fold the card in your mouth with your tongue with a little practice.
  8. You can't be serious...

    The effect taught here at T-11 differs drastically from the folded card to mouth plot. There are variations out there which make use of the Mercury Fold or similar techniques, but I highly doubt anyone secretly folds the card in their mouth! I mean, IF this is possible, I'd love to see a video of it, because I'm sure it'd be a YouTube sensation. "With a little practice" would be a huge understatement...

  9. Jeff hobson folds a card in his mouth on his live show. Very good to watch and i believe its on his Jeff hobson live dvd. The card to mouth i use along with smoke is on the david stone lecture dvd. Smoke ties in well and david teaches it very well.

    Hope this helps

  10. I just pulled it off with almost no difficulty. I can probably get the entire folds done in 2 seconds if I practice it. I suppose it would be easier to fold it prior and use a dupe or similar, but this was easy enough.
  11. @ nIvan, Wow... that's crazy. I'm sitting here with a card in my mouth, wondering where to even begin folding it into quarters without my hands, and I'm just slobbering over myself. I look ridiculous. Ha. If you can pull this off, that's pretty impressive. And if you can pull it off secretly, that's effing amazing. How are you with the girls? ;) Is there a YouTube or similar video of this being done? I just want to actually see it performed-- but Jeff Hobson's not my cup of tea.

    @ Alan, David Stone's awesome. I love that particular effect-- French Kiss, but I find it difficult to pull off. Do you do it exactly the way he does? I feel the action of sticking the entire deck into the mouth kind of gives away the method, but I suppose it's one of the most natural ways to load the card if properly motivated. I'm still looking for something that feels more... appropriate. Also, I love the visual of a folded card coming out of a cloud of smoke from the mouth, but I'm having trouble choreographing it in my mind with the gimmick. Mind if we PM?

  12. feel free to pm mate
  13. There is always Wayne Houchins French kiss

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