SMOKE refills?

so i just got smoke and its super cool and whatnot so this is going to be under heavy use by me. My question is since i ordered it from penguin who do i go to for refills and how much do they cost?
Aug 17, 2008
Ann Arbor, MI
Well, you should have gotten it from here. Theory11 doesn't sell refills. But I am sure that they would send you some refills if you bought it from here. You could try to contact people at Penguin, but I don't use that site much, so I don't know. Good luck.

Oh, and I heard that the smoke gimmick actually lasts a long time. So I would not worry just yet.


Elite Member
Aug 14, 2010
Just contact t11 support team... They'll ask you to send a picture of you holding the DVD (so they have a proof you own the DVD), and tell you how to buy them!
Aug 1, 2009
Same here. I have had it for 7 months and just a couple days ago I used my first refill. So don't worry too much
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